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Yosemite National Park

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Listed in the table below are Yosemite National Park's current plans or projects. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
* Bridalveil Fall Rehabilitation Project Environmental Assessment Development Concept Plan/Site Plan
2016 Commercial Use Authorization - Commercial Stock Use Commercial Use Authorization CE
A Sense of Place: Design Guidelines for Yosemite National Park Other Study
Ackerson Meadow Minor Boundary Adjustment and Acquisition Land Acquisition or Exchange CE
Ahwahnee Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Ahwahnee Hotel Vehicle Charging Station Installation Other Administrative Activities CE
Ansel Adams Gallery Comprehensive Rehabilitation Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Big Oak Flat Road Emergency Repairs Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Camp 4 Accessibility Improvements Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Camp Wawona - Commercial Use Authorization Commercial Use Authorization CE
Cathedral Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Reintroductions Resource Management CE
Church Bowl Area Restroom Installation Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Compendium Prohibition on the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Regulation CE
Crane Flat Campground Soil Investigation for Wastewater Facilities Other Study CE
Curry Village - Rehabilitate Cabins Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Curry Village Mountain Shop Sewer Improvements Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Curry Village Rockfall Hazard Zone Structures Project Environmental Assessment Other EA
Curry Village Stoneman Cottage Steam Heat Piping Repair Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Day-use Reservations for Commercial Tour Buses and Automobiles Special Use Permit CE
Degnan's Restaurant and Loft Remodel Concessions CE
East Valley Shuttle Bus System Stops Improvements Transportation Plan CE
El Portal Administrative Site Davenport Addition Special Use Permit CE
El Portal Administrative Site Esquivel House Construction Special Use Permit CE
El Portal Administrative Site Kerr Reconstruction Special Use Permit CE
El Portal Administrative Site Ketron/Greenleaf Addition Special Use Permit CE
El Portal Buckeye Road Erosion Control Measure Installation Special Use Permit CE
El Portal Community Hall Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
El Portal Helling Residence Remodel Other Maintenance Activities CE
El Portal MacCallum Residence Remodel Other Maintenance Activities CE
El Portal Pinchot Remodel Other Maintenance Activities CE
El Portal Sewer Rehabilitation Geotech Investigation Other Natural/Cultural Resource Activities CE
El Portal Sewer Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
El Portal Willow and Native Plant Community Restoration Restoration CE
Glacier Point Location Assessment for an Alternative Sewer System Engineering/Technical Services CE
Half Dome Trail Stewardship Plan Resource Management Plan EA
Happy Isles John Muir Trail Improvements Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Hetch Hetchy Entrance Well House Replacement Reconstruction CE
Hetch Hetchy Meteorological Station Consolidation and Automation Equipment Replacement CE
Hydrological Study of Merced River in Vicinity of Sugar Pine Bridge Other Study
Invasive Plant Management Plan Update EA (2010) Resource Management Plan EA
Lake Eleanor- Water Pump Replacement Equipment Replacement CE
Little Yosemite Valley Composting Toilet Leach Field Installation Other Maintenance Activities CE
Lower Pines Preventative Search and Rescue Campsite Installation Other CE
Mariposa Grove Distributed Soil Moisture And Snow Depth Sensor Installation Other Study CE
Merced Grove Giant Sequoia Restoration Fence Installation Resource Protection CE
Merced River Plan Implementation: Ahwahnee Meadow Ecological Restoration Project - Phase I Restoration Other
Merced River Plan Implementation: Construct Yosemite Village Day-Use Parking Area Reconstruction Other
Merced River Plan Implementation: East Yosemite Valley River Restoration Restoration EIS
Merced River Plan Implementation: Half Dome Village - Temporary Ice Rink Installation Capital Improvement/New Construction Memo
Merced Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan Comprehensive River Management Plan EIS
Merced and Tuolumne Grove Giant Sequoia Protection Resource Protection CE
National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Programmatic Agreement for Yosemite National Park Section 106 PA Reporting
National Register Evaluation of Critical Wilderness Archeological Sites Resource Management CE
Non-Tour Park Transportation Service Commercial Use Authorization - Programmatic CE Commercial Use Authorization CE
Olmsted Point Perform Avalanche Monitoring And Hazard Analysis Other Study CE
Pacific Fisher Assisted Migration Resource Management CE
Parkwide Communication Data Network Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Parkwide Communication Data Network Implementation: Turtleback Dome AT&T HVAC Upgrades Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Parkwide Plague Mitigation - Programmatic Integrated Pest Management CE
Parkwide Traffic Counters Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Parkwide Yosemite Facelift Volunteer Event - Programmatic Other Maintenance Activities CE
Programmatic CE-Film and Photography Special Use Permit Special Use Permit CE
Programmatic CE-Wedding Special Use Permit Special Use Permit CE
Rehabilitate Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Station Historic Preservation CE
Rehabilitation of the Remaining Wawona Road-Mariposa Grove Road and South Entrance Intersection Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias EIS Resource Management Plan EIS
Southern California Edison Tioga Pass 12 kV Relocation (Rhinedollar Phase II) Right-of-Way Permit CE
Temporary T-Mobile Cell on Wheels (COW) at Sentinel Site Engineering/Technical Services CE
Tioga Pass Entrance Station Increased Security Emergency Repair CE
Tioga Road Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Tioga Road Weather Station Transect Upgrades Other Natural/Cultural Resource Activities CE
Tuolumne Meadows Hydrologic Alterations Impacts Study Other CE
Tuolumne Meadows Informal Trail Removal Resource Management Plan CE
Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Office Addition Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Tuolumne Meadows Transit and Trail Sign Improvements Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Tuolumne River Plan Implementation-Tuolumne Meadows Cabin Replacement - Pilot Project Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Tuolumne River Plan Implementation: Tuolumne Meadows Relocation of 5 Gas Station Concessioner Tent Cabins Other Maintenance Activities CE
Tuolumne River Plan: Tuolumne Meadows Native Plant Restoration and Carbon Sequestration Other Study CE
Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement Comprehensive River Management Plan EIS
Upper River Temporary Parking Other Maintenance Activities CE
Valley Admin Building Temporary Stair Installation and Geotech Borings Other CE
Valley Fort Unsafe Door Replacement Routine Maintenance CE
Vogelsang Backpacker Composter Toilet Removal Removal/Demolition CE
Wawona Fiber Optic Installation Engineering/Technical Services CE
Wawona Fire Station Geotech Investigation Resource Management CE
Wawona Golf Course Geotechnical Investigation Reconnaissance Survey CE
Wawona Hotel, Install Hand Rail on Main Building Stairs Other CE
Wawona Joyce House Accessibility Upgrades Other Maintenance Activities CE
Wawona Soil Investigation for Suitable Effluent Disposal Field Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Wawona Wastewater Treatment System Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment Other Plan EA
White Wolf - Photovoltaic Hybrid Electric System Fire - Mechanical Fuel Reduction CE
White Wolf Lodge and Duplex Cabins Rehabiliation Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
White Wolf Water Utility Building Replacement Reconstruction CE
Wilderness Restoration Programmatic 2014 -2019 Resource Protection CE
Wilderness Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog Reintroduction and Trout Eradication Project Other CE
Wilderness Stewardship Plan Wilderness Plan EIS
Yellow Pine Campground Expansion Boundary Adjustment CE
Yellow Pine Campground Vault Toilets Installation Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Yosemite AT&T Microwave Radio Upgrade Right-of-Way Permit CE
Yosemite Changeable Message Signs Installation Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Yosemite Institute Environmental Education Campus Development Concept Plan/Site Plan EIS
Yosemite Lodge Kitchen Ceiling Tiles Replacement Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Yosemite Lodge Pathway Lighting Installation Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Yosemite National Park - Section 106 Programmatic Agreement Reporting Section 106 PA Reporting
Yosemite Valley Emergency Services Complex Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Yosemite Valley Groundwater Assessment Other CE
Yosemite Valley Lodge Bike Stand Relocate Other Maintenance Activities CE
Yosemite Valley Non-Historic Non-Native Fruit Trees Removal Routine Maintenance CE
Yosemite Valley Public Use Area Accessibility Reconstruction CE
Yosemite Valley Restoring Native Frogs and Turtles Restoration CE
Yosemite Valley Swinging Bridge Picnic Area Accessibility Improvements and Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Yosemite Village Verizon Wireless Telecomunication Site Upgrade Right-of-Way Permit CE
* Open for comment.