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Denali National Park and Preserve

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Listed in the table below are Denali National Park and Preserve's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
General Management Plan General Management Plan EA
Repave Park Road MP 3.4 - 14.9 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Re-pave Denali Park Road, MP 0-3.4 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Denali Winter and Shoulder Season Plan Visitor Use Management Plan CE
2022 Denali National Park Superintendent's Compendium Other Administrative Activities CE
Park Road Maintenance Standards Other Maintenance Activities CE
Denali Park Road Vehicle Management Plan Transportation Plan EIS
Continuation of Gravel Extraction from Toklat Other Maintenance Activities CE
Gravel Acquisition Plan Resource Management Plan EA
Closure of Former Mt. McKinley National Park to Snowmobile Use Cultural Resource Management Plan EA
2021 Denali National Park and Preserve Superintendent's Compendium Regulation CE
Stampede Creek Area Access to Inholdings Other Permit EA
Seasonal Installation of two FAA weather cameras, Kahiltna & Ruth Glaciers Communications CE
Interim continuation of 2013 Environmental Assessment: Winter plowing of the Denali Park Road to Mountain Vista Other Administrative Activities CE
Castle Rocks Seismometer Installation Research Permit EA
Categorical Exclusion to increase guided climbing permit allocation on Denali at Denali NPP from 325 to up to 750 Backcountry Management Plan CE
Rehabilitate Igloo Forest Segment of the Denali Park Road Other Maintenance Activities CE
Clarification of the Kantishna Mining District Boundary Boundary Adjustment Memo
Maintenance to Mitigate Geohazards Beyond the Road Prism at the Pretty Rocks (Mile 45.4) - Programmatic Approval 2019-2020 Emergency Repair CE
Access to Rainy Creek (ANILCA inholding): 2020-2021 SUP for Construction of Guest Facilities Special Use Permit CE
Denali Winter and Shoulder Season Visitor Services Environmental Assessment Visitor Use Management Plan EA
Backcountry Management Plan 2006 Backcountry Management Plan EIS
Cantwell ORV Environmental Assessment Other EA
Sampling Plan on the Comstock #2 Unpatented Mining Claim In the Kantishna Hills Area Other EA
Telecommunication Facilites in Wilderness Engineering/Technical Services EA
Long Range Transportation Plan (2018) Transportation Plan Other
Geotechnical Investigations, Alaska Railroad Realignment Feasibility Study Feasibility Study CE
Improvement to accommodate winter trail use at Mountain Vista Trailhead Other Maintenance Activities CE
Install Wildlife Fence around Kennels Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
2020 Denali National Park and Preserve e-bike addition to Superintendent's Compendium Regulation CE
South Denali Implementation Plan and EIS Implementation Plan - Other EIS
Headquarters Area Plan 2007 Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Climbing Allocation for Mount McKinley Commercial Services Plan EA
Investigative drilling at Pretty Rocks slump Preventive Maintenance CE
Construct Fish Friendly Drainage Structures for West District Streams Crossing the Park Road Reconstruction CE
Repair and Rehabilitate three Park Road Bridges Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Install Wildlife Fence around Kennels - 2020 redesign Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Guided Activities CUA (Sept 24-May 10) Other Administrative Activities CE
Removal of non-historic materials and downed aircraft from glaciated environments in Denali National Park and Preserve: Programmatic approval 2020-2029 Other Administrative Activities CE
Concession Facilities Construction Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Minor Amendment Backcountry Management Plan Concessions CE
Replace Kennels Storage Building Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Conduct site characterization and soil treatment at Crooked Creek Repair/Rehabilitation CE
2020 Denali National Park and Preserve Superintendent's Compendium Regulation CE
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