Minor Backcountry Plan Amendment for CUA Use

For the 2006 DENA Backcountry Management Plan, the Revised Draft Chapter 3 (Affected Environment) and the Appendicies (otherwise not replaced in the Final BCMP) are incorporated by reference into the Final BCMP. Map 3-3, Commercial Services Areas (p.166) in the Revised Draft shows areas closed to Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) (then Incidental Business Permits or IBPs), and only available for Concessions.

Backcountry Units 40,41, 42, 43, and 64 (area between Old Park boundary, McKinley River, northern new park boundary, and Toklat River, including the Kantishna Hills, though in practice excluding the Kantishna airstrip) are shown as closed to CUA opportunities. No current reasoning is given for this closure, though guided hiking has been allowed in the Kantishna Hills via concession contracts with the three main lodge operators in Kantishna. In an effort to increase visitor opportunities, and because no justification could be found for the exclusion, park management has decided to allow CUA use in all of these units.

Decision: Alter map 3.3 from BCMP and update to remove the commercial use authorization activity exclusion covering BC units 40, 41, 42, 43 and 64 (Kantishna Hills).
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