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Interim continuation of 2013 Environmental Assessment: Winter plowing of the Denali park road to Mountain Vista

The 2013 Winter Road Plowing in Denali National Park Environmental Assessment (EA) and associated Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) approved a three to five-year trial period of plowing the park road to Mountain Vista (near mile 12) beginning in mid-February each year. 2014 was the first year of this trial period, and 2018 is the final year of the five years initially authorized. This project would continue the winter road plowing to Mountain Vista for up to two years (2019 and 2020), during which time a plan guiding management of the winter and shoulder seasons, including use of the park road, is to be completed.

The intent of the original three to five-year trial period authorized in the 2013 Winter Road Plowing in Denali National Park FONSI was to study the impacts of winter plowing to Mountain Vista before committing to annual plowing on a permanent basis. Monitoring data collected during 2014 - 2018 have not shown that the authorized plowing negatively impacts the human environment to a greater extent than was anticipated in the 2013 EA. Continuing to plow the road to Mountain Vista as authorized in the 2013 FONSI for an additional one to two years is unlikely to change the impacts relative to those already observed.

An extension of one to two years also offers the opportunity to collect more data on resource impacts over a greater variety of annual conditions and as visitor use increases during winter and spring months. This additional information will be useful to the creation of a formalized winter and shoulder season plan, which will guide more permanent decisions regarding winter plowing of the Denali Park road to Mountain Vista.

During this interim continuation, winter plowing will continue to be managed per the 2013 Winter Road Plowing in Denali National Park FONSI.
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