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Concession Facilities Construction

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The National Park Service (NPS) is proposing to
construct new permanent facilities on the Concession Land Assignment that would support the park's current and future bus operations and services concession. A total of 0.6 acres would be disturbed. The proposed new facilities include:

Maintenance shop and covered storage area for the carpenter, plumber and electrician maintenance functions, replacing the current ATCO and trailer.
Recycling center building to provide a centralized collection and processing facility for concessions and park recycled waste materials.
Commissary to support food storage and assembly of the meals and beverages provided on the tour buses, and additional food storage for the employee dining room and Morino Grill.
Employee Fitness Center

The project is necessary because the existing facilities are inadequately sized, dilapidated, and/or inappropriate for their functions.

The Concessions Land Assignment (CLA) is Park allocated land and facilities assigned to the concessionaire, presently Joint Venture,
Incorporated, to carry out and support visitor services within the park. The CLA's main purpose is to support/facilitate bus fleet operations and
maintenance in the park. Additional buildings on the CLA include housing, dining, and recreation facilities that support concession employees. The
concessionaire is required to carry out a building and utilities maintenance operation for the land assignment facilities and other directed services throughout the park.

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