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Castle Rocks Seismometer Installation

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The National Park Service (NPS) is considering a request from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC)to install a new seismic monitoring station in Denali National Park and Preserve (DENA). This station would be located near the Castle Rocks by the southern edge of the northwestern preserve unit. The proposed seismometer would complement existing seismometers in DENA on Thorofare Ridge and Wickersham Dome and outside DENA at Lake Minchumina and Purkey Pile. These sites are used to monitor frequent seismic activity along and near the western portion of the Denali Fault. Data from the site would be analyzed to improve earthquake detection and hazard forecasting in the region.

The proposal - including three potential sites - and a no-action alternative are evaluated in the Environmental Assessment. Public comment will be accepted on the EA from August 22 through September 21, 2005

Contact Information

Steve Carwile, Compliance Program Manager, DENA or 907-644-3612.