Install Wildlife Fence around Kennels

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Denali National Park and Preserve is planning an undertaking to rehabilitate the dog yard at the Park Kennels. Rehabilitation could include installation of fencing around the dog yard, relocation of water and electrical lines, installation of night sky friendly lighting, two additional dog pens, and a web cam. The Park Kennels Building (B105), dog pens (B105b), and dog houses (B105a) contribute to the Mt. McKinley Headquarters Historic District. Please find details of the proposed project in the enclosed Cultural Resource Report No. 2019-DENA-016.

The project is not anticipated to adversely affect the integrity of the Historic District or the contributing features listed above. We have reached a National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106, determination of "No Historic Properties Adversely Effected" (36 CFR Part 800.5(3)(b)) and are requesting public input into this finding.