Upgrade Oxbow Trail to Meet Accessibility Guidelines

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This project will upgrade the existing Oxbow Loop trail to meet ADA standards. This work will include brush clearing, tread widening, minor reroutes, regarding and resurfacing to meet guidelines developed by the US Access Board, as described in the Summary of Accessibility Standards for Federal Outdoor Developed Areas. Following completion, the Oxbow Trail will be maintained as a Class 3 trail as described in the Denali National Park Trails Program Routine Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Standards.

Upon completion, average trail grade will be 5% or less, and sections that exceed 5% no longer than 200 feet and never exceed 8%. will be 42 inches wide with a compacted gravel surface. Steep grades will be mitigated using a combination of cut and fill, and excavated material that can be incorporated as sub-grade will be used on site. Sub-standard and organic materials will be used to close re-vegetate abandoned trail segments. Cross slope on the tread will be 5% or less, whether it is out-sloped or crowned.

Tundra that is cut from reroutes and tread widening will be salvaged and used to close abandoned trail segments.
A bench will be installed at the first Nenana River overlook.

The two existing access trails to the Nenana River gravel bar will be maintained, but they will not be upgraded to meet accessibility standards. Rock cairns will be installed at the end of each access trail to insure hikers that choose to travel along the gravel bar find the maintained trail.

Upgrades will be completed with a combination of hand tools and heavy equipment such as; skid steer loaders, powered wheelbarrows, plate compactors and a 4 foot double drum asphalt roller. Tread material will be imported using wheelbarrows, power wheelbarrows, and helicopters.