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Replace Signs at Trailheads in Denali's Frontcountry

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This project will fund new installation and/or updated signage at frontcountry trailhead locations. Trailhead locations are decision points where visitors look at an array of hiking options and make a trail selection. Central hike planning trailhead stations, totaling 15 hubs, will be updated with current maps, trail descriptions and safety / regulatory content. This project is timed to coordinate with PMIS project 236821 which will replace 115 junction signs and posts on 13 frontcountry trails to ensure trail signage is updated in a comprehensive manner. Through the combined work of the two projects, trail names will clarified and consistent, color coding of the trail system will be implemented at trailheads and throughout the 115 sign posts to match park publications.

The existing condition is a single trailhead map panel (currently outdated to 2009) with HFC standard weathering steel frame. These panels will be removed and replaced by upright trailhead panels (two panel segments) at 5 locations identified as main trailheads (labeled TH on map). Trailhead signs will include poured concrete footers 2-3' deep. At busy trail junctions visitors will orient themselves through the use of sub-trailhead panels (see photo of oxbow trail and locations on map labeled S) consistent with signs already used at several Denali trails (Triple Lakes, Mountain Vista, Savage and Oxbow). There are 10 locations for sub-trailhead panels. Sub-trailheads reinforce that visitors are on the right path, help them make decisions at key junctions and are an opportunity to provide area-specific wildlife or topographic information.

In order to make the trail system as clear and easy to navigate as possible a few trails and facilities will have updated names:

-Taiga Trail name will change to Horseshoe Lake
-The Bike Path name will change to Roadside Trail (east) and the existing Roadside Trail will be updated to Roadside Trail (west)
-The Riley Creek Day Use Area will change to the Riley Creek Picnic Area
-The MSLC trail will not have directional signs, but will be labeled "Employee Access only"

In summary:

1. PMIS 236821 will replace up to 115 frontcountry trail metal sign posts with rough cut, treated lumber posts; footers are sub-surface concrete pier block base with metal bracket
2. Color code the trail system and use those colors on trail signs throughout the frontcountry
3. Change Taiga Trail name to Horseshoe Lake Trail
4. Remove all pre-2010 trail map signs and replace with 5 upright HFC panels to consist of a hike planning panel and a map panel (see TH on map). Dimensions are 36x48 per panel with 3"x5" posts; heigh may vary.
5. Add 10 "sub-trail head" information at major trail junctions (style is single width HFC upright panel like Oxbox lake panel); weathering steel frame and sub-surface concrete footers. Width of panel 12", overall width 16", height may vary. Posts 2"x3".
6. Change Riley Creek Day Use Area name to Riley Creek Picnic Area
7. Change Bike Path and Roadside Trail to the consistently named Roadside Trail throughout the system (clarify regulation differences by 'east' and 'west')
8. Sign the MSLC trail as "Employee Access"