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Access to Rainy Creek (ANILCA inholding): 2020-2021 SUP for Construction of Guest Facilities

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Denali National Park and Preserve is preparing to issue a one-year (May 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021) special use permit (SUP) for the activities requested by Hank Swan on behalf of the Kantishna Hills LLC owners who are initiating construction of 5-10 cabins and employee dorm, renovation of an existing cabin, and construction other structures as part of a lodge facility on their three private parcels (13 acres total) on Rainy Creek. The applicants are requesting use of national park lands to stage equipment and construction materials, an additional 60 road travel permits in 2020 to transport equipment and materials to Kantishna, permission to use a helicopter to sling-load construction materials from two of the requested staging areas on NPS land to their property, permission to use a helicopter to transport employees to the Kantishna airstrip if stranded by high water on Moose Creek, brushing of roads and staging areas, and use of a snowmachine and groomer to create a fixed-wing aircraft winter landing strip on NPS land near their property and a snow machine trail stretching between Glen airstrip and Rainy Creek inholding property.

The helicopter use is in support of construction only with constraints on daily operation timing. Sling-loads would allow transport of materials during the early season (June) period when the volume of water in Moose Creek is typically high making crossing the creek multiple times with high-clearance vehicles unsafe. Sling-load operation would also be allowed during the rest of the summer season with constraints on daily or weekly timing to minimize noise intrusions on Moose Creek area hikers. Use of the helicopter sling-loads will provide for more efficient delivery, facilitating summer construction, which would likely reduce the amount of and length of time materials are stored on NPS lands. The applicant will be encouraged to use the end of visitor season period (after Road Lottery) to use the road access to pre-stage materials for the following winter and spring prior to the start of visitor season.

This permit is being issued while the SF-299 and Right of Way Certificate of Access (RWCA) discussions are occurring between the property owners and the NPS.

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