Eldorado Mining Special Use Permits 2019-2026

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This serves as programmatic compliance for Special Use Permits issued per the 2016 Eldorado Creek Mining Plan of Operations Environmental Assessment. Special Use Permit conditions will be reviewed annually.

Existing Amendments to the EA include:
Amendment #1, 2016: Move camp structures and take road out of streambed (66049)
Amendment #2, 2016: Use of landslide gravel for route maintenance (66154)
Amendment #3, 2017: Collection of firewood (73507)
Amendment #4, 2917: Helicopter flights (74395)
Amendment #5, 2018: Operator for this project is now Yvonne Desjarlais (79661)

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Original EA PEPC language:

Kristopher E. DeVault, an agent for Eldorado Creek LLC, submitted a plan on May 22, 2015 to use a 6 inch suction dredge in 2015 on the 118 acres of valid unpatented placer mine claims Liberty #9 and Liberty #13 through #20 on Eldorado Creek. An 8 inch dredge could be used in future years. Housing for this operations would be at the Comstock Cabin.

Access will be by the Denali National Park road 90 miles back to Kantishna. The Liberty Claims are located 1 mile south of Kantishna. Beginning 1.25 miles upstream from its confluence with Moose Creek and continuing up Eldorado for 2.25 miles. The existing road crosses the lower part of Moose Creek to reach the Eldorado / Slate Creek access road. The Eldorado / Slate Creek access road crosses Eldorado Creek more than 20 times from its confluence with Moose Creek and runs through all the Liberty Claims. Eldorado / Slate Creek access road has been in existence prior to the claims being withdrawn from mineral entry. Access will also be from the Kantishna airstrip which is located 1.25 miles SW from Kantishna and the confluence of Moose Creek and Eldorado.

An average of 15 park passes are requested for mining operations per season. At this time a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 trips are anticipated depending on weather, resupply trips, emergencies, initial mining operation start up, beginning of year and end of year trips.

Annual road maintenance will be needed to keep the road in usable condition and will be the responsibility of the mining operator.

Contact Information

Emily Buhr
(907) 683-6242