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Listed in the table below are Denali National Park and Preserve's current plans or projects. Click on the project title for more information.

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Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Conduct Additional Site Assessments on Moose, Taybo, & Bueno Mining Claims Section 106 PA Reporting CE
Construction of a Bus Turnaround and Temporary Installations in the East Fork Area Other Maintenance Activities CE
Alaska LNG Project Right-of-Way Permit EIS
Repair and rehabilitate exterior chimneys at P-12 and P-13 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Minor Amendment to the 1997 Frontcountry Plan Concessions CE
2023 Denali National Park Superintendent's Compendium Regulation CE
Least Adverse Environmental Effects Report - Gasline Other Study CE
Trails Maintenance Plan - Programmatic Compliance 2018-2023 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Nenana River Trails Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Conduct Additional Site investigation at Hotel Powerhouse site Repair/Rehabilitation CE
GeoHazards Preliminary Response Plan (2020-2024) Emergency Repair CE
Replace Signs at Trailheads in Denali's Frontcountry Reconstruction CE
Upgrade Oxbow Trail to Meet Accessibility Guidelines Other Maintenance Activities CE
Milepost 231 Wayside and Trail Connections Implementation Plan - Other EA
Ghiglione Bridge Replacement Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Release a Prospectus for Glacier Landing Air Taxi and Glacier Landing Scenic Air Tour Services Concessions CE
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) in NPS Operations- Programmatic Approval 2019-2023 Other Administrative Activities CE
Access and Use Request, Ruth Glacier, Mountain House LLC Right-of-Way Permit EA
Polychrome Area Improvements Environmental Assessment Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Eldorado Mining Special Use Permits 2019-2026 Special Use Permit CE
Land Exchange in Kantishna - NPS & Kantishna Roadhouse (Doyon Tourism Inc) Land Acquisition or Exchange CE
Interior Alaska Forest Inventory and Analysis in Denali National Park & Preserve (Regional Programmatic CE 2018-2023) Research Permit CE
Fuels Reduction Treatments, 5 Year Programmatic CE (2017-2021) Fire - Mechanical Fuel Reduction CE
Approved Commercial Use Authorizations (Programmatic approval 2019-2023) Commercial Use Authorization CE
Mitigate Rockfall Hazards at Toklat Bluffs, MP 52.88-52.95 of the Denali Park Road Preventive Maintenance CE
Assessing the Effects of Traffic (and No Traffic) on the Behavior and Viewability of Grizzly Bears (2023-2026) Research Permit CE
Eldorado Creek Mining Plan of Operations Other Permit EA
Resurface Riley Creek Campground Loops and Access Road Routine Maintenance CE
Backcountry Use Monitoring with Trail Counters and Cameras (Programmatic Approval 2017-2021) Resource Management CE
Wonder Lake and Kantishna Area Plan (non-NEPA) Other Plan CE
Polychrome Area Improvements: Design Changes Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Polychrome Area Improvements: Changes to Staging and Project Areas Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
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