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Photo looks east across Toklat Bridge to the Toklat Bluffs area where scaling will occur. Scaling will begin at the corner/bend in the road and continue east for approximately 600 feet.

Mitigate Rockfall Hazards at Toklat Bluffs, MP 52.88-52.95 of the Denali Park Road

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The Toklat Bluffs area is rated as the 2nd highest concern along the Park Road (behind Pretty Rocks) in the Unstable Slope Management Program (USMP). This analysis and rating takes into account the hazard itself as well as risk to park visitors and park infrastructure. Park Management followed the 1997 Entrance Area DCP DEIS Appendix C and collaborated with the Federal Highways Administration to approve and develop a solution to address this safety concern.

The project schedule (July 10-Aug 20) is specifically set to be sensitive to the lambing season and presence of sheep. There is a possibility of ravens nesting on the bluffs but any fledglings will leave the nest prior to July 10. Contract language includes stopping work if sheep are within 100 yards or if moose are present within the construction site. Standard bear safety language is also noted.

Current compliance covers a broader range of work than is in the contract. Work in 2021 will include rock scaling (pulling down approximately 5k cubic yards of material from a 600' horizontal section of slope) and raising the road surface 1-2' to create a larger ditch for rockfall catchment.

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