Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park

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Listed in the table below are Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

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Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Paved Trail Plan Trail Management Plan
Installation of New Potomac River Safety Signs Other CE
Great Falls River Trail Maintenance Other Maintenance Activities CE
Quantico Orienteering Club 2006 Orienteering Event - Special Use Permit Request (REVISED EVENT) Special Use Permit Memo
Install new signage on hiking trails - Parkwide Other Maintenance Activities CE
Replace Stairway at Stopgate Milepost 13.7 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Carderock Climbing Area Maintenance Other Maintenance Activities CE
SHA Bridge Painting SUP - I-495 Other CE
Stabilize Paw Paw Tunnel and Boardwalk Other Maintenance Activities CE
SHA Bridge Painting SUP - Route 522 Other CE
Flagpole Installation at Williamsport Visitor Center Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Install Potomac Gorge Wayside exhibits Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Visitor Trail Counters on Bear Island Billy Goat Trail Other CE
2008 SCA Summer Trail Projects Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Relocate Pole Light at Antietam Campground Other CE
Mitigation of Beaver Dam at Culvert Other CE
Indigo Tunnel Bat Habitat - Installation of Bat Gates, Interim Closure Inventory and Monitoring CE
Canal Quarters Interpretive Program Environmental Assessment/Assessment of Effects Other Maintenance Activities EA
Preservation Lockhouse 25 Other Maintenance Activities Memo
Lock 22 (Pennyfield) Visitor Access Bridge Repair/Rehabilitation CE
C&O Canal Invites Feedback on Proposal to Increase Entrance and Other Fees Fee Collection
Shepherdstown Battlefield Special Resource Study/Environmental Assessment Special Resource Study/New Area Study EA
Restoration and Recovery of Federally Endangered Harperalla Research Permit CE
Split Swing Gates Installation (Parkwide) Other Maintenance Activities CE
Billy Goat C Trail Maintenance Other Maintenance Activities CE
Motion Picture Filming - Permit Request Other CE
Repairs to Canal Prism and Canal Berm at Chain Bridge Other CE
Appalachian Trail Signage on C&O Canal Other Maintenance Activities CE
Mary's Wall Vegetation Removal Other Maintenance Activities CE
Install Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Wayside Exhibits Capital Improvement/New Construction Memo
VIP Project - Trail Repairs Other Maintenance Activities CE
Replace roof at Hancock Maintenance Facility Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Palisades Maintenance Facility Improvements Other Maintenance Activities CE
Stone Steps - Lock 24 (Riley's Lock) Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Traffic Counters - Brunswick, Gift Road, Lock 75 Capital Improvement/New Construction Memo
Installation of Park ID Signs Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Removal of Non-historic pedestrian bridges Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Historic Prather (Weber) House Rehabilitation Other Maintenance Activities CE
Brunswick and Point of Rocks Boat Ramps Other Maintenance Activities EA
Ford Mine Loop Trail Completion Other CE
Four Locks Maintenance Complex Septic System Upgrades Repair/Rehabilitation CE
USGS Potomac River Gauge Station - Edwards Ferry Special Use Permit CE
Clear Vegetation from Historic Lockhouse 52 Foundation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Short Term Rockslide Mitigation (Paw Paw Rockslide) Resource Management Plan CE
Wetland Restoration Action Plan (WRAP) & Environmental Assessment for Four NCR Parks: Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park (CHOH), Monocacy National Battlefield (MONO), Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (HAFE) and Catoctin Mountain Park (CATO) Other Plan EA
Assess Impacts of Deer/Invasive Plant Interactions on Native Vegetation at Potomac Gorge Research Permit CE
Land Survey Work for Catoctin Power Plant Project Other CE
Frederick County Water Intake Sediment Removal Project Other Maintenance Activities CE
Catoctin Aqueduct Other EA
Georgetown University Boathouse/Land Transfer Environmental Impact Statement Other EIS
Retaining Wall, 11900 River Road, Potomac, MD Other Maintenance Activities EA
Stabilize Kretzer-Knode House and Outbuildings Other Maintenance Activities CE
Chain Bridge Repair and Repainting Other Permit CE
Reconstruction of Historic Stop Gate Winch House - Mile 13.74 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Removal of Non-contributing resource - Midriver Canoe Club Shed Other CE
Mothball Knight House and Staub House Other Maintenance Activities CE
Lock 8 - Modification of Canoe Access to Potomac River Other CE
Inlet Lock #1 - Emergency Repairs - Flood 2010 Emergency Repair Memo
Mountain Lock Stock Pile Site Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Billy Goat A Upstream Trailhead Re-route Other CE
Catoctin Aqueduct Overlook Trail Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Columbia Gas/TransCanada - ROW Permit Application (8' Natural Gas Line) Right-of-Way Permit EA
Install "Switching Time" wayside exhibit Implementation Plan - Other CE
Install Little Falls Fish Ladder wayside Other CE
Proposed Offshore Submerged Channel Intake for WSSC Potomac Water Plant Other EA
Lockhouse 8 Electric Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Footbridge construction within Great Falls Hiking Trail Network Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Pennyfield Fence Replacement-in-Kind Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Lock 20 Preservation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Bassett Hound Walk for Charity, May 27, 2007 Special Use Permit Memo
Quantico Orienteering REVISED Event, February 4, 2007 Other Memo
Vegetation Management at Dams # 4 and 5 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Canal Museum Exhibit, Cushwa Basin, Trolley Barn Other Maintenance Activities CE
Remove Concession Stand at Lock 21 Other CE
Preservation - Lockhouses 49, 37, 28, 22, and 6 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Programmatic Categorical Exclusion - Desiltation of Restored Watered Sections Other Maintenance Activities CE
Washington County - Sharpsburg Water Intake Upgrades Other EA
Enhancing Visitor Experience at Hancock, MD, Mile 122.12-124.59 Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Historic Moore House Rehabilitation Other Maintenance Activities CE
Billy Goat A Trail - Wooden Bridge Deck Replacement Other CE
Programmatic Categorical Exclusion for Bicylce Rack Placements Other CE
Canal Place Heritage Area Management Plan Update and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP Cumberland Boatyard and Rewatering EA Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Emergency Rock Fall Mitigation at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal (Paw Paw) Emergency Repair EA
Feasilibity Study To Implement A Non-Motorized Boathouse Zone Along The Georgetown Waterfront Feasibility Study
Potomac River Tunnel Other EA
Install "Mule Power" wayside exhibit Implementation Plan - Other CE
Carderock Climbing Area Maintenance Project Other Maintenance Activities CE
New Sewer Line Great Falls Maintenance Facility Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Frederick County Water Intake Tree Removal Project Other Maintenance Activities CE
Burnside Property Other Maintenance Activities CE
New Site signs at Fletchers Cove Other Maintenance Activities CE
Informational Signs - Williamsport Other CE
Antietam Aqueduct Structural Investigation Other CE
Sierra Club's MWROP Day Hike, April 28, 2007 Special Use Permit CE
Temporary Canal Loading Dock-Great Falls Other CE
Liberty Tree Other CE
Vegetation Management at Lock 38/Bridgeport Area Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Storage Shed Removal, Swain's Lock, Mile 16.6 Other CE
VIP Project - Routine Maintenance - Non-Historic Structures Routine Maintenance CE
National Public Lands Day - Adopt-A-Crag Volunteer Project - Carderock Rehab Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Culvert #182 Preservation Other Maintenance Activities CE
Canal Pride Days 2009 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Refurbishment of the Paw Paw Tunnel Campground Other CE
Temporary Antietam Iron Works Connector Trail Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Paw Paw Tunnel Hill Trail Project Other Maintenance Activities CE
2011 Canal Pride Days - Lock 10 Vegetation Removal Project Other Maintenance Activities Memo
Arizona Avenue Bridge Damage Repair Project Other Maintenance Activities CE
Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) Right-of-Way EIS Right-of-Way Permit
Georgetown Nonmotorized Boathouse Zone Development Plan Implementation Plan - Other EA
Mule Paddock Shed - Great Falls Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Mulberry Tree Removal at the Georgetown Visitor Center Other Maintenance Activities CE
Capital Crescent Trail Erosion Repairs Other Maintenance Activities CE
Install Towpath Direction Signs at the 34th Street Bridge Other Maintenance Activities CE
Boatramp Restroom Facilities Other Maintenance Activities CE
Repair Of Ferry Hill Trail Other Memo
Pennyfield/Muddy Run Boatramp Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Lock 6 Feeder Lock Trail Improvements Other Maintenance Activities CE
Cleaning and Painting of Maryland State Highway Bridges - Routes 17, 340, Interstate 81 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Vegetation Removal from Historic Structures -Tidelock to Key Bridge Other Maintenance Activities CE
Provide Exotic Vegetation Management Control with SCA Partner Resource Management CE
Columbia Gas Line, City of Cumberland Waste Water Treatment Plant Right-of-Way Permit CE
Great Falls Entrance Station - Replacement in Kind Other Maintenance Activities CE
Sycamore Island Bridge - Repair and Repaint Project - Mile 6.46 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Ford Mine loop extension Other Memo
PEPCO Powerline Hazard Vegetation Removal, Violette's Lock - Mile 22 Right-of-Way Permit CE
Nationwide Multi-Unit Fire Management Plan / Environmental Assessment Fire Management Plan EA
Carderock Siphon Cleaning - Fairfax County Other Maintenance Activities CE
SHA Culvert Repairs Repair/Rehabilitation Memo
Site Prep for Modular Office Building Pal. Maint. Yard Other Maintenance Activities CE
Preservation Repairs to Wasteweir # 3 at Flecthers Other Maintenance Activities CE
Cushwa Basin Wall Repair Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Historic Dams 4&5 Eelway Passage Project - Potomac River Other EA
Summit Hall Turf Farm Water Access Project Other EA
New Design Raw Water Main and McKinney Treated Effluent Outfall Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Parking Lot Repairs, Dargan Bend Boatramp Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Lock 20 Bypass Flume Stabilization Other Maintenance Activities CE
Install Potomac Heritage Trail signs Capital Improvement/New Construction Memo
Traffic Counters Other Maintenance Activities CE
Install benches and sign for campfire program area - McCoy's Ferry Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Washington Canoe Club Perimeter Fence Removal Other Maintenance Activities CE
Standard Operating Procedure for Bench Placement - Parkwide Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Hancock Visitor Center at the Little House Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Lock 44 Area Boundary Delineation Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Preservation- Lockhouse10 Other Maintenance Activities Memo
Special Use Permit Programmatic Categorical Exclusion Special Use Permit CE
Fiber Optic Right-of-Way, Route 15 Right-of-Way Permit CE
Formalization of Rockwood loop and VFW spur Other CE
Potomac Interceptor Long-Term Odor Abatement Program Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
C&O Canal National Historical Park - Georgetown Canal Plan Development Concept Plan/Site Plan EA
Marlowe-Boonsboro Transmission Line Rebuild Other CE
Replacement Park Bench- Marsden Tract Area Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Carderock Access Pathway to Billy Goat Trail Section C Repair/Rehabilitation CE
29th Street Bridge Water Main Other Maintenance Activities CE
Fishing Fun Contest Other CE
Septic system repair, Mellott House, Four Locks, Mile 108.4 Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Mary's Wall Vegetation Removal, Part II Other Maintenance Activities Memo
VIP Project - Parking Lots Other Maintenance Activities CE
2008 YCC Work Projects: Vegetation and Debris Removal Cultural Resource Management Plan CE
Visitation Counters – New Installation Locations Capital Improvement/New Construction Memo
Jarboe Store Stabilization Other Maintenance Activities CE
2009 Revision of Park Fire Management Plan Fire Management Plan CE
Fish Recovery - parkwide - Flood 2010 Other CE
Campground, Picnic areas, Roadway, Parking Lot Repairs - Parkwide - Winter Storm and Flood 2010 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Mothball and Secure Uninhabited Historic Adams Buildings Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Refurbishment of McCoy's Ferry Campground - 2011 C&O Canal Pride Days Other CE
C&O Canal NHP and Harpers Ferry NHP Deer Management Plan and EA Ungulate Management Plan EA
Redesign Entrance and Intersection at Fletcher's Cove Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
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