Lincoln Home National Historic Site

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Listed in the table below are Lincoln Home National Historic Site's current plans or projects. Click on the project title for more information.

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Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Replace HVAC System at the Robinson House (HS-10) Cyclic Maintenance CE
Remove wooden boardwalks between houses and from back door of Rosenwald House (HS-08) to alley. Replace back walk with stamped concrete Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Dean House (HS-13) HVAC and Controls Cyclic Maintenance CE
Emergency repair to Cook House (HS-19) window on south side Emergency Repair CE
Repair and paint retaining wall in front of Lincoln Home - Update Emergency Repair CE
Replace Copper Metal Roofs on Lyon/Rosenwald (HS-08), Beedle (HS-12), and Dean (HS-13) Houses Routine Maintenance CE
Replace parts of door frame around Lincoln Home front door and replace hinges Resource Management CE
Remove non-historic fence screening ramp into Morse House (HS-09) Removal/Demolition CE
Paint Exterior of the Cook House (HS-19) and Cook Storage Shed Cyclic Maintenance CE
Repair crack/hole in Lincoln Home (HS-01) foundation causing leak into basement Emergency Repair CE
Remove dead and dying trees for safety and replace according to Landscape Plan (2012) Routine Maintenance CE
Repair sewer line in basement of Dubois House (HS-15) Routine Maintenance CE
Grind out stump of silver maple planted in 2008 and cut down in 2016 in Block 11, Lot 4 Removal/Demolition CE
DEED-Replace Boardwalks on North End of Park- Eighth and Jackson to Improve Visitor Safety Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Fire Suppression System at Cook House Cyclic Maintenance CE
Raise roadbed at intersection of 8th & Jackson to meet ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility Emergency Repair CE
Repair and paint retaining wall in front and side of Lincoln Home (HS-01) Emergency Repair CE
Replace Visitor Centor Standing Seam And Flat Roof Cyclic Maintenance CE
Repair and Paint Exterior of Allen Barn, Robinson Storage Shed and Dean House Outbuilding Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Visitor Parking Lot gates with electronic arms and fee-collection equipment Equipment Replacement CE
Repair leak in roof at Maintenance Shop (HS-05A) Routine Maintenance CE
Create trench from Morse House (HS-09) to equipment storage area for electrical line Routine Maintenance Other
Repair Brick Walkway From Edwards St. to Bus Lot & Add Curbing Around Trees to Improve Visitor Acces Routine Maintenance CE
Add fences and gates around buildings to improve safety and security Routine Maintenance CE
Grind out stump of hackberry tree in Solomon Allen lot (Block 11, Lot 8) cut down in 2001 Removal/Demolition CE
Remove large Elm tree and wooden cage in front of Lincoln Home and replace with small, slow-growing Elm tree. Cyclic Maintenance CE
Emergency repairs to south porch fascia and floor boards at Robinson House (HS-10) Emergency Repair CE
Emergency repairs to collapsing east porch on Stuve House (HS-05) to mitigate safety hazard Emergency Repair CE
Remove damaged Crabapple trees near Lincoln Barn (HS-01A) and Arnold Barn (S-25) and replace with Dogwoods Preventive Maintenance CE
Bump out section of fence at Robinson House (HS-10) around new HVAC equipment for efficiency Routine Maintenance CE
Treat historic Linden tree in Dean Lot (Block 7 Lot 11) for Carpenter Ants Integrated Pest Management CE
Complete Structural Assessment on Stuve House Resource Management CE
Replace boardwalks along Jackson Street with concrete from VC to Lincoln Home (HS-01) Repair/Rehabilitation
Repair, seal and stripe visitor and bus parking lots at Lincoln Home NHS Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace HVAC System at Lincoln Home Carriage House (HS-01A & B) Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Carpet Tiles in VC Theaters 1 and 2 to Enhance Visitor Satisfaction Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Storm Windows at Beedle and Education Center To Increase Energy Efficiency Cyclic Maintenance CE
Repair and Paint Exterior of Shutt House (HS-17) Cyclic Maintenance CE
Reinstall taller fence around Equipment storage area and add temporary covering near top Preventive Maintenance CE
Replace HVAC Systems at Conference Center (S-30) with Energy Efficient Systems Routine Maintenance CE
Remove boardwalks from the right-of-way area between boardwalks and street around Lincoln Home area Removal/Demolition Other
Replace HVAC System and Controls For Visitor Center Cyclic Maintenance CE
Repair and Paint Exterior of Stuve House and Stuve Carriage House Cyclic Maintenance CE
Fee-FEPR- Replace Landscaping Around North Side of Visitor Center to Increase Visitor Satisfaction Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Existing Carpet in the Dubois House Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Gate Arm Units on East & West Alleys to Improve Visitor Safety/Accessibility Routine Maintenance CE
Remove dying Pin Oak tree on north side of Morse House along Capitol Ave. for safety. Resource Management CE
Repair and Paint Exterior of Lincoln Home Cyclic Maintenance CE
DEED-Replace Boardwalks on South End of Park- Eighth & Jackson to Improve Visitor Safety and Access Cyclic Maintenance CE
Replace Main Components of Fire Suppression System at Lincoln Home (HS-01) Equipment Replacement CE
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