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Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Midwest » Missouri

Listed in the table below are Ozark National Scenic Riverways's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Removal of Invasive Silk Trees at Alley Mill Resource Management Plan CE
Interpretive Waysides for Cave Restoration Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Handicapped Accessible Sign at Alley Mill Interpretive Plan CE
Round Spring Area Underground Electrical System Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Repair Big Springs Walkway Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Big Spring-Cyclic Maintenance on Cabins 406-410 Cyclic Maintenance CE
Storey's Creek School Repair/Rehab Other Maintenance Activities CE
Cotton House Sewer Drain Replacement Other Maintenance Activities CE
Bat Cave Temporary Trail and Hoist Other EA
Alley Spring and Powder Mill- Vegetative Bank Stabilization Other CE
Big Spring Divisional Storage Building- Replace Procter Building Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Pulltite Trail Benches and Exhibits Interpretive Plan CE
Replace 7 Gas/Diesel Fuel Systems Parkwide Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Round Spring & Alley Spring- Rehabilitate Amphitheater Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Big Spring CCC Cabins Cyclic Maintenance Cyclic Maintenance CE
Alley Spring Perform Cyclic Maintenance on Area Paved Roads and Parking Cyclic Maintenance CE
Dixon- Replace Vault Toilet Other Maintenance Activities CE
Alley Spring Repaint Ranger Station 508 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Storm Damage Tree Removal Other Maintenance Activities CE
Norris Utility Right of Way Right-of-Way Permit CE
Construction of Stabilized Boat Ramp & Parking Area Other EA
Repair and Modification of Stewart Cabin Other CE
Conway Cabin Addition Other CE
Round Spring Fiber Optic Cable Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Alley Spring Visitor Benches Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Upgrade Round Spring Wastewater Treatment Plant Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Alley Springs Walkway Repairs Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Raftyard Access Steps Repair Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Installation of Horse Wayside Exhibit Other Maintenance Activities CE
Construct Vault Toilets - Cedar Grove Other Maintenance Activities CE
Replacement of Akers Ranger Station Other EA
Interpretive Waysides- Round Spring, Alley Spring, Pulltite Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Rehab of Building 416 for use as Ranger Office Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Alley Spring Campground Modification Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Shawnee Shop, Replace Leach Field System Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Sinking Creek Site Upgrades Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Alley Spring Area Underground Electrical System Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
#31771 Heartland Exotic Plant Management Plan Integrated Pest Management Plan EA
Native Tree & Shrub Planting Other Maintenance Activities CE
General Management Plan, Wilderness Study, Environmental Impact Statement General Management Plan EIS
Welch Lodge Developed Area Renovation Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Akers and Carrs Concessions Store Repair Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Akers Water System Rehab Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Round Spring Campground - RV Electric/Water Hook-ups Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Alley Spring Sewer System Rehab Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Replacement Vault Toilet @ Log Yard Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Big Spring Cyclic Maintenance CCC Cabins 411-415 Cyclic Maintenance CE
Ozark National Scenic Riverways Policy Change to Feral Swine Hunting Regulation Other
Trim Brush On Road Shoulders Parkwide FY12 Other Maintenance Activities CE
Broadfoot and Shawnee Horse Staging Areas Environmental Assessment Other EA
Rehabilitate and Upgrade Radio System to Narrowband Digital Other EA
Big Spring CCC Commissary Building, Removal of Non-Historic Material Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Cedargrove Water System Rehab Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Flying W Rehabilitation Repair/Rehabilitation EA
MO DNR/State Parks - Shannon County Road 19B Modifications for Camp Zoe Reconstruction CE
Trim Brush Along Pedestrian and Horse Trails to Improve Visitor Safety and Accessibility Other Maintenance Activities CE
Tract No. 20-101, Phillip Moss Property Other Maintenance Activities CE
Big Spring - Relocate Transformer and Control Panel for Sewage Lift Stations Other Maintenance Activities CE
Rocky Creek Road Improvements Other CE
Addition to Cabin on Smith Tract Other CE
Ozark Trail Association - Current River Trail Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Akers Canoe Rental Concessioner Land Assignment Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Big Spring Trail and Bridge Repair-Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
2010-2014 Programmatic Parkwide - Replacement in Kind of Vault Toilets/Restrooms/Comfort Stations Other Maintenance Activities CE
Moss Property Barn Rebuilding Other CE
Sinking Creek Seasonal Access Gate Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Akers- Install Metal Gate Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Reestablish Powder Mill Campsites Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Pulltite Ranger Station and Visitor Contact Facility Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Chubb Hollow Rehabilitate Trail and Trail Features Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Round Spring Cavern Gate Replacement Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Watson Cabin- Restoration and Remodel Other Maintenance Activities CE
Big Spring Area Underground Electric for Boat Shed & Carpenter Shop Other Maintenance Activities CE
Rehabilitate Big Spring Shockley Barn 464 Other Maintenance Activities CE
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