Revised ROW Application, SF-299_06-30-2016

Included below is the full revised final application package received from Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) on June 30, 2016. Note that this consolidated application was submitted to the NPS, BLM, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and includes materials for the entire 211-mile proposed Ambler Mining District Industrial Access Project route.

Information specific to the ca. 20 mile NPS portion of the proposed route is located within this consolidated application.

Document Content:
Sec 02G_Figure_Set_A_Flysheet[1].pdfSec 02G_Figure_Set_A_Flysheet[1].pdf   (9.1 KB, PDF file)
Sec 02G_CORPS_1-24[1].pdfSec 02G_CORPS_1-24[1].pdf   (3.7 MB, PDF file)
Sec 02G_CORPS_25-74[1].pdfSec 02G_CORPS_25-74[1].pdf   (8.3 MB, PDF file)
Sec 02G_CORPS_75-97[1].pdfSec 02G_CORPS_75-97[1].pdf   (4.0 MB, PDF file)
Sec 03C_00_Visual_Flysheet[1].pdfSec 03C_00_Visual_Flysheet[1].pdf   (39.3 KB, PDF file)
Sec 03D_00_Noise_flysheet[1].pdfSec 03D_00_Noise_flysheet[1].pdf   (46.1 KB, PDF file)
Sec 04_01_Figures_4-1_to_4-7[1].pdfSec 04_01_Figures_4-1_to_4-7[1].pdf   (6.3 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_1-50[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_1-50[1].pdf   (7.7 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_51-100[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_51-100[1].pdf   (9.6 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_101-150[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_101-150[1].pdf   (12.1 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_151-200[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_151-200[1].pdf   (9.9 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_201-250[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_201-250[1].pdf   (8.6 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_251-300[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_251-300[1].pdf   (8.8 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_301-325[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_301-325[1].pdf   (8.4 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5B_CORPS_326-350[1].pdfSec 5B_CORPS_326-350[1].pdf   (2.8 MB, PDF file)
Sec 5D_06_Appx_5D_Ownership[1].pdfSec 5D_06_Appx_5D_Ownership[1].pdf   (108.6 KB, PDF file)
Sec 6A_USCG_Tables[1].pdfSec 6A_USCG_Tables[1].pdf   (284.2 KB, PDF file)
Sec 6B_USCG_Waterways[1].pdfSec 6B_USCG_Waterways[1].pdf   (726.5 KB, PDF file)
ERRATA_!Transmittal - 00027.pdfERRATA_!Transmittal - 00027.pdf   (100.4 KB, PDF file)
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