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Yellowstone National Park

Intermountain » Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Listed in the table below are Yellowstone National Park's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Bechler Administrative Area Improvement Plan Environmental Assessment Repair/Rehabilitation EA
2012/2013 Supplemental Winter Use Plan EIS Implementation Plan - Other EIS
Canyon Lodging Redevelopment Project Implementation Plan - Other CE
Parkwide Commercial Stock Outfitter Concession Contracts/EA Commercial Services Plan EA
Bridge Replacement - Bighorn Pass Trail Reconstruction CE
Proposed Changes in 2006 Fishing Regulations Other CE
Stephen's Creek Administrative Area EA Other EA
Old Faithful Area Comprehensive Plan Other EA
Invasive Vegetation Management Plan/Environmental Assessment Invasive Species Management Plan EA
Isa Lake Bridge EA Ammendment to Allow for a Road Closure During Construction Repair/Rehabilitation CE
Old Faithful Visitor Education Center Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
ARRA - Madison Area Wastewater Treatment Project Environmental Assessment Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Winter Use Adaptive Management Plan Other Plan Other
Remote Delivery Bison Vaccination Program Other EIS
North Entrance & Park Street (Gardiner, MT) Improvement Plan/EA Other EA
Old Faithful Cabin Repurposing and Dormitory Construction EA Implementation Plan - Other EA
Yellowstone Justice Center Other EA
Tower-Roosevelt Comprehensive Plan Other EA
Winter Use Plan/EIS Implementation Plan - Other EIS
Lake Area Comprehensive Plan/EA Other EA
Lake Cell Tower Right-of-Way Permit CE
Isa Lake Bridge Reconstruction EA Other EA
Data Recovery at the Donner Site Other
World Heritage State of Conservation Report Other
Northwestern Energy Communication and Automation Plan Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
* Open for comment.