Reference Documents for the Livestock Plan Environmental Assessment

This page hosts references cited in the Livestock Plan Environmental Assessment that are not copyrighted. A document "Links to Copyrighted and Potentially Copyrighted References for the Livestock Plan Environmental Assessment.pdf" is also provided here to help stakeholders locate those references via the internet.
Document Content:
Amberg et al 2014.pdfAmberg et al 2014.pdf   (8.8 MB, PDF file)
Ashton and Davis 2017.pdfAshton and Davis 2017.pdf   (14.7 MB, PDF file)
Baker-Ismail 2016.pdfBaker-Ismail 2016.pdf   (1.7 MB, PDF file)
Billings County 1998.pdfBillings County 1998.pdf   (716.5 KB, PDF file)
BLS 2022.pdfBLS 2022.pdf   (845.7 KB, PDF file)
Brownlee et al 2020.pdfBrownlee et al 2020.pdf   (38.1 MB, PDF file)
Bryan 1919.pdfBryan 1919.pdf   (3.8 MB, PDF file)
Daughtry and Zedeno 2016.pdfDaughtry and Zedeno 2016.pdf   (13.2 MB, PDF file)
Davis 2018.pdfDavis 2018.pdf   (456.0 KB, PDF file)
Ewers 1955.pdfEwers 1955.pdf   (28.3 MB, PDF file)
Fiege et al 2017.pdfFiege et al 2017.pdf   (17.0 MB, PDF file)
Fietzek-DeVries 2013.pdfFietzek-DeVries 2013.pdf   (3.7 MB, PDF file)
Frid and Dill 2002.pdfFrid and Dill 2002.pdf   (635.3 KB, PDF file)
Hall et al 2018.pdfHall et al 2018.pdf   (3.0 MB, PDF file)
Headwater Economics 2022a.pdfHeadwater Economics 2022a.pdf   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Headwater Economics 2022b.pdfHeadwater Economics 2022b.pdf   (606.4 KB, PDF file)
Heidel 1990.pdfHeidel 1990.pdf   (10.0 MB, PDF file)
KellerLynn 2007.pdfKellerLynn 2007.pdf   (1.5 MB, PDF file)
Kitzes 2020.pdfKitzes 2020.pdf   (2.7 MB, PDF file)
Kunkel et al 2022.pdfKunkel et al 2022.pdf   (1.7 MB, PDF file)
Licht 2018.pdfLicht 2018.pdf   (21.9 MB, PDF file)
Manuel and Swanson 2019.pdfManuel and Swanson 2019.pdf   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Marlow et al 1992.pdfMarlow et al 1992.pdf   (21.5 MB, PDF file)
McKenzie County 2016.pdfMcKenzie County 2016.pdf   (8.4 MB, PDF file)
McLaughlin 1989.pdfMcLaughlin 1989.pdf   (10.3 MB, PDF file)
Medler and Eldridge 2021.pdfMedler and Eldridge 2021.pdf   (3.9 MB, PDF file)
Meeker (partial) 1979.pdfMeeker (partial) 1979.pdf   (1.0 MB, PDF file)
Norland 1984.pdfNorland 1984.pdf   (8.1 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1970.pdfNPS 1970.pdf   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1976.pdfNPS 1976.pdf   (43.1 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1978.pdfNPS 1978.pdf   (1.2 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1984.pdfNPS 1984.pdf   (7.4 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1987.pdfNPS 1987.pdf   (69.1 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1994.pdfNPS 1994.pdf   (152.6 MB, PDF file)
NPS 1998a.pdfNPS 1998a.pdf   (244.6 KB, PDF file)
NPS 1998b.pdfNPS 1998b.pdf   (106.6 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2004.pdfNPS 2004.pdf   (268.4 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2006.pdfNPS 2006.pdf   (2.5 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2010.pdfNPS 2010.pdf   (178.7 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2011a.pdfNPS 2011a.pdf   (1.6 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2011b.pdfNPS 2011b.pdf   (9.0 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2014.pdfNPS 2014.pdf   (22.1 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2015a.pdfNPS 2015a.pdf   (965.5 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2015b.pdfNPS 2015b.pdf   (180.6 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2015c.pdfNPS 2015c.pdf   (186.5 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2015d.pdfNPS 2015d.pdf   (126.3 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2015e.pdfNPS 2015e.pdf   (873.1 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2017.pdfNPS 2017.pdf   (6.4 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2018.pdfNPS 2018.pdf   (966.1 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2019.pdfNPS 2019.pdf   (4.2 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2022a.pdfNPS 2022a.pdf   (235.8 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022b.pdfNPS 2022b.pdf   (26.7 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022c.pdfNPS 2022c.pdf   (69.6 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022d.pdfNPS 2022d.pdf   (8.9 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022e.pdfNPS 2022e.pdf   (834.1 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022f.pdfNPS 2022f.pdf   (2.6 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2022g.pdfNPS 2022g.pdf   (926.5 KB, PDF file)
NPS 2022i.pdfNPS 2022i.pdf   (13.0 MB, PDF file)
NPS 2023.pdfNPS 2023.pdf   (324.5 KB, PDF file)
NRCS 2022.pdfNRCS 2022.pdf   (5.9 MB, PDF file)
Premier Longhorns, LLC 2022.pdfPremier Longhorns, LLC 2022.pdf   (600.8 KB, PDF file)
Prowatzke and Wilson 2015.pdfProwatzke and Wilson 2015.pdf   (2.2 MB, PDF file)
Salcido et al 2022.pdfSalcido et al 2022.pdf   (54.4 MB, PDF file)
Stoffer 2003.pdfStoffer 2003.pdf   (4.9 MB, PDF file)
Stoops 1989.pdfStoops 1989.pdf   (8.1 MB, PDF file)
Thompson 2022.pdfThompson 2022.pdf   (346.9 KB, PDF file)
TRPL 2022.pdfTRPL 2022.pdf   (1.6 MB, PDF file)
USFWS 2023.pdfUSFWS 2023.pdf   (9.9 MB, PDF file)
Valseth 2021.pdfValseth 2021.pdf   (2.5 MB, PDF file)
Westfall 1989.pdfWestfall 1989.pdf   (10.9 MB, PDF file)
Westfall et al 1993.pdfWestfall et al 1993.pdf   (21.1 MB, PDF file)
Wilson 2019.pdfWilson 2019.pdf   (2.5 MB, PDF file)
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