Lewis and Clark National Historic Park

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Listed in the table below are Lewis and Clark National Historic Park's current plans or projects. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Rehabilitate Visitor Center Accessible Parking and Sidewalks Cyclic Maintenance CE
Integrated Pest Management methods for Invasive Plant Control (Programmatic CE - 2022-2026) Invasive Species Management CE
Accelerating Succession of Native Coastal Rain Forest Resource Management CE
Rehabilitation of the Fort Clatsop Visitor Center and Associated Septic System Cyclic Maintenance EA
Decommission and Demolition Alder Creek Road and Alder Storage Barn & Grounds Removal/Demolition CE
YCC Conduct Facility, Trails and Grounds Work Utilizing Youth Cyclic Maintenance CE
Conserve 50 Vulnerable Ethnological and Historic Objects in Museum Collection Preservation CE
LEWI Parkwide Trail Maintenance (Programmatic CE 2022-2026) Cyclic Maintenance CE
Programmatic Routine Road and Parking Lot Maintenance for 5 Years Routine Maintenance CE
Replace Fortification Stockade Fencing at the Fort Clatsop Replica Cyclic Maintenance CE
Maintain Historical Plantings around the Sunset Beach Education Center Resource Management CE
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