Death Valley National Park

Pacific West » Nevada, California

Listed in the table below are Death Valley National Park's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Air Tour Management Plan - Death Valley Air Tour Management Plan
Increase tour fees at Scotty's Castle Implementation Plan - Other Other
Install Gates to Protect Visitors and Preserve Resource Habitat at Multiple Remote Locations Other EA
Navel Spring Water Collection System Repair and Maintenance Project Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Bessinger &UC Berkley Research Other Permit
Bonnie Clare Road Reconstruction Environmental Assessment Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Environmental Assessment for a Modification to Keystone Mine Plan of Operations CACA-33965 Other Plan EA
Commnet proposed cellular service installation at Stovepipe Wells Right-of-Way Permit EA
Bonnie Clare Road Reconstruction Repair/Rehabilitation EA
Towne Pass Curve Correction Other Maintenance Activities Other
Wilderness and Backcountry Stewardship Plan Wilderness Plan EA
Proposed Fee Changes at Furnace Creek Campground Fee Collection Other
Scotty's Castle Waterline Replacement Other Maintenance Activities EA
Devils Hole Site Plan Implementation Other EA
Lower Wildrose Road Repair Transportation Plan EA
Devils Hole Long-Term Ecosystem Monitoring Plan Inventory and Monitoring EA
Exotic Plant Management Plan Resource Management Plan EA
Install Gates to Protect Visitors and Preserve Resource Habitat at Keane Wonder Mine Other EA
Hunter Mountain Pinyon Pine Ecosystem Fire Treatment and Study Fire - Prescribed Burn EA
Proposed Park Fee Changes (2016) Fee Collection Other
Reopening Keane Wonder Mine to the Public Resource Protection CE
* Open for comment.