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Arches National Park

Intermountain » Utah

Listed in the table below are Arches National Park's plans or projects which have been closed for more than a year. Click on the project title for more information.

For general information, use the 'Park/Unit Information' link to the left, to go to the park's main internet page to access park information not related to park planning (for example, park brochures, lodging and campground reservations, and general park information).

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Interim Salt Wash crossing, Delicate Arch trail Other Maintenance Activities
Arches HQ Water Line Upgrade Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Special Use Permit, Lance Armstrong Foundation benefit bike ride Special Use Permit
Special Event - Red Rock 4-Wheelers Special Use Permit
Install Culverts at Salt Valley Wash Road Crossing Transportation Plan CE
Improve campground host site Other Maintenance Activities
Courthouse Wash Exotic Plant Control Other
Commercial film permit, Dark Spark Productions Other Permit
Rodent-proof Visitor Center and Administration Buildings to Protect from Hantavirus Other Maintenance Activities
Programmatic CE for Commercial Filming 2011-2015 Special Use Permit CE
Proposed Fee Increases Other
Exotic Plant Managment Plan Integrated Pest Management Plan EA
Restore native vegetation to Wolfe Ranch/Salt Wash bench Resource Management Plan
Construct Flood Diversion Wall Repair/Rehabilitation CE
All Southeast Utah Group Parks Chip Seal Other Maintenance Activities CE
Park wide Road Maintenance and Modification Capital Improvement/New Construction EA
Establish radio repeater near Panorama Point Capital Improvement/New Construction
Replace fixed anchors on rock climbing routes Other
Sand Dune Arch Parking Lot Transportation Plan Memo
SEUG Soundscape Management Plan Implementation Plan - Other EA
Stablilize Historic Visitor Center Bridge (CCC Bridge) Resource Management Plan CE
Commercial film permit, Delicate Arch trail Other Permit
Special use permit, bicycle race Special Use Permit
Upgrade Arches VC public restroom ventilation and heating Other Maintenance Activities CE
Commercial Use Authorization, Commercial Canyoneering Commercial Use Authorization
Climbing Management Plan Other
Capture and Radio Collar Bighorn Sheep Other EA
Repair of breached ditch behind Visitor Center Other Maintenance Activities
Delicate Arch Trail Surface Repair Other Maintenance Activities
Removal and replacement of vault toilets Capital Improvement/New Construction
Arches National Park Proposes Entrance Fee Increases Fee Collection CE
Repair Washed Out Drainage Ditch at Arches HQ Area Other Maintenance Activities
Routine paved road maintenance Routine Maintenance
Alternative Transportation Feasibility Study and Congestion Management Strategies Feasibility Study CE
Special Use Permit, Skinny Tire Festival Other Permit CE
Replace culverts at Arches maintanance area Other Maintenance Activities CE
Resurface section of main park road Other Maintenance Activities CE
Delicate Arch trail stream crossing repair/relocation Resource Management Plan EA
Arches National Park Proposes Fee Increases Fee Collection CE
Commercial film permit, John Wesley Powell documentary Special Use Permit
Utah Group and SEUG Fire Management Plans EA Fire Management Plan EA
Routine paved road maintanance Routine Maintenance
Commercial Use Authorization, Commercial Canyoneering Other Permit
Petroglyph Panel ADA Accessible Surface Upgrade Capital Improvement/New Construction CE
Rehabilitate Devils Garden Campground Repair/Rehabilitation
Special use permit, bicycle race on Highway 191 bicycle trail Other Permit CE
Correct Deficiencies in Devil's Garden Utility Systems Other Maintenance Activities
Accessible Picnic Sites at Devils Garden and Balanced Rock Picnic Areas Capital Improvement/New Construction
Remove Exotic Trees from River Corridor Along Arches National Park Resource Management Plan CE
Prevent Visitor Center parking lot flooding Other Maintenance Activities
Create Stone Step-Up on Primitive Loop Slide-off Area Other CE
Routine maintanance plan for unpaved roads Routine Maintenance
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