Georgetown University Boathouse Draft Environmental Assessment

The National Park Service (NPS) has prepared an Environmental Assessment, (EA) to analyze impacts associated with the construction of a proposed boathouse by Georgetown University on the Potomac River in Georgetown in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The EA also provides information to be used in fulfilling Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
Comment Period: Closed        Apr 25, 2006 - Jun 15, 2006
Document Content:
Cover Cover   (266.9 KB, PDF file)
Table of ContentsTable of Contents   (33.9 KB, PDF file)
Executive SummaryExecutive Summary   (1.0 MB, PDF file)
Chapter 1 - Purpose and NeedChapter 1 - Purpose and Need   (548.7 KB, PDF file)
Chapter 2 - Alternatives ConsideredChapter 2 - Alternatives Considered   (2.2 MB, PDF file)
Chapter 3 - Affected EnvironmentChapter 3 - Affected Environment   (2.3 MB, PDF file)
Appendices A-FAppendices A-F   (164.4 KB, PDF file)
Appendix G Appendix G   (3.6 MB, PDF file)
Appendix HAppendix H   (319.8 KB, PDF file)
Appendix IAppendix I   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Appendix JAppendix J   (4.6 MB, PDF file)
Appendix KAppendix K   (337.7 KB, PDF file)
Appendix LAppendix L   (3.4 MB, PDF file)
Appendix MAppendix M   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Appendix NAppendix N   (26.2 KB, PDF file)
Appendix OAppendix O   (1.4 MB, PDF file)
Appendix PAppendix P   (595.4 KB, PDF file)
Appendix QAppendix Q   (38.6 KB, PDF file)
Appendix RAppendix R   (804.3 KB, PDF file)
Appendix SAppendix S   (5.1 MB, PDF file)
Appendix TAppendix T   (21.5 KB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 1-3 Presentation Boards 1-3   (864.7 KB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 4-6Presentation Boards 4-6   (713.6 KB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 7-9Presentation Boards 7-9   (811.8 KB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 10-12Presentation Boards 10-12   (779.3 KB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 13-15Presentation Boards 13-15   (1.3 MB, PDF file)
Presentation Boards 16-19Presentation Boards 16-19   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
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