View of Long Point Cabins adjacent to Atlantic Ocean

Long Point Cabin Camp Project

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Hurricane Dorian impacted Cape Lookout National Seashore (seashore) in 2019. Overwash, wind, and sound-side surge caused damage to park resources, including the Long Point Cabins on the North Core Banks. The cabin area is one of the largest attractions at the seashore; however, the National Park Service cannot sustain these cabins in their current location. This area has lost nearly 150 yards of beach and protective sand dunes over the last 20 years, and extreme tides wash under the cabins and through the camp. Further, Hurricane Dorian destroyed almost every septic system, the water treatment building, the power building, and hundreds of feet of water and electrical lines, besides doing structural damage to several of the cabins. The National Park Service plans to replace the Long Point Cabins; however, we must work with the dynamic nature of the barrier island and choose a location that would provide a sustainable setting for the cabins for the long-term use and enjoyment of the seashore's visitors.

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