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Cantwell ORV Environmental Assessment

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The National Park Service has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) for the management of the traditional Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use area in the 1980 park additions near Cantwell for subsistence activities by federally qualified subsistence users. The purpose of the EA is to evaluate options on how to manage subsistence ORV use in a way that will minimize adverse impacts to park resources while also providing reasonable access for subsistence purposes.

In December 2005 we mailed out a scoping letter and held public meetings in Cantwell and Anchorage to ask for ideas. We used the ideas and comments to help create a range of alternatives. These alternatives were explained in a newsletter and public meetings were held in Anchorage and Cantwell in April 2006 in order to further discuss these alternatives in person.

The EA explains the background to the management need, four management alternatives, and evaluates the impacts from the alternatives. The public comment period on the EA will be June 4, 2007 through July 31, 2007. Comments should be made in PEPC. They can also be mailed to the Superintendent, Denali National Park and Preserve, Box 9, Denali Park, Alaska 99755.

Public Meetings on this EA will be held in Cantwell on July 9 and in Anchorage on July 12. The times and locations are given in the Meeting Notices section of this announcement.

Contact Information

Mike Tranel, Chief of Planning, Denali National Park and Preserve