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Replace boardwalks with concrete around historic houses along 8th Street

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This project will replace existing 4' oak plank boardwalks with 5' exposed aggregate concrete sidewalks around the sides and fronts of 8 historic houses up to 8th Street. The complete sidewalk from the alley to the back of the Arnold House (HS-20) will be replaced, as will the complete sidewalk from the alley along the side of the Dean House (HS-13) to the boardwalk in front of the house. The Dean and Arnold houses are open to the public. The remaining 8 houses are used by staff or are leased to government agencies. These walkways are visible to the public as they walk along 8th Street. In addition, limestone steps, approximately 5' long by 11" deep by 6" high will replace wooden steps at the front of the Beedle (HS-12) and Dubois Houses (HS-15) due to small rises in the yard from the 8th Street sidewalk to the rest of the yard.

The 48" boardwalks and 8" deep runners will be removed, forms installed, and 60" wide concrete sidewalks will be installed with cuts made every 48". The color will be a tan color to match existing concrete sidewalks installed in 2022 with an exposed aggregate finish. The concrete will be poured to 4" or thicker concrete slab pf 3500 psi strength with #4 reinforcing bar or flat welded wire reinforcing on a 4" sand and gravel cushion compacted to 95%. The project will be completed by contract.

The boardwalk in front of the Miller House (HS-14) will be removed completely, fill dirt and grass seed will be installed until the house is restored.

Access steps and ramps attached to the porches and doorways will remain in place at this time and will not be replaced with concrete.

The houses impacted will be: Beedle (HS-12), Dean (HS-13), Corneau (HS-2), Sprigg (HS-11), Dubois (HS-15), Shutt (HS-17), Robinson (HS10), Cook (HS19), Lyon/Rosenwald (HS-05) and Arnold (HS-20). The Shutt House is leased to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin; the Cook House is leased to GSA; the Robinson House is currently unoccupied but is on the lease program; The Dean and Arnold Houses have exhibits available to the public, and the Corneau House will have public exhibits in the summer of 2023. The remaining houses are used by the NPS for staff offices.

Contact Information

Jason Taylor, 217-391-3235