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This Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) documents the decision of the National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), acting on behalf of the Quileute Tribe, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to adopt the preferred alternative in the Quillayute River Restoration - Reach 3 Environmental Assessment (EA; Tetra Tech 2021). The proposed action alternative includes installing several large wood structures on the banks and floodplain on both sides of the river to provide bank protection, flow direction, and habitat features. This alternative was evaluated against a no action alternative that represents the continuation of current environmental trends in Reach 3. The alternatives were described and analyzed in the Quillayute River Restoration - Reach 3 EA (Tetra Tech 2021).

The Superintendent's determination of no impairment, prepared in fulfillment of the NPS Management Policy 2006 requirements, is also attached. As the delegated Responsible Federal Official for compliance with NEPA, the NRCS State Conservationist must decide whether to provide funding to the Quileute Tribe to implement to the preferred alternative, in accordance with NRCS' NEPA-implementing regulations and policy.

On the basis of the information contained in the EA (Tetra Tech 2021) as summarized above, the NPS, BIA, and NRCS have determined that implementing the Proposed Action Alternative is not a major federal action nor is it an action without precedent or similar to an action that normally requires an EIS. The conclusions of non-significance are supported by the conservation planning and environmental impact analysis completed and the capability of listed mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate impacts. There will be no adverse effect to cultural or historical resources; and there are no significant impacts. This determination also included due consideration of the minor nature of agency and public comments.

Therefore, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, an EIS will not be prepared, and the selected project may be implemented immediately, within 30 days of this notice (March 2, 2022).

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Caroline Walls (Quileute Tribe)

Christina Miller (NPS)