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Left: Mochong Latte Village site. Right: Serianthes nelsonii tree in limestone forest.

Rota Special Resource Study

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The National Park Service (NPS) is pleased to announce a study of the unique natural and cultural resources of the island of Rota (Luta) in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).

As directed by the U.S. Congress, at the request of Representative Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, we are conducting a study of Rota's prehistoric and historic resources and limestone forests. The Rota Special Resource Study will evaluate the national significance of the area and the suitability and feasibility of designating the area as a unit of the national park system (P.L. 113-291 Section 3051, December 19, 2014).

This study will take place over the next two to three years. It will begin with gathering information about Rota's resources through research and community engagement and will conclude with study findings that are transmitted to the U.S. Congress. It will be up to Congress, in collaboration with the CNMI government, to choose whether to take an action, regardless of the results of the study.


I National Park Service (NPS) (Nasionat Paseo Na Setbisiu) sumen magof para uma anunsia i tinituhon-ña i inestudian i naturat yan kutturan guina-han frenkas gi tåno' Luta gi San Kattan Na Islas Marianas.

Ginen i otden I Kongressun Amerika, Estados Unidos yan lokkue' ginen i finaisen i Delagado as Gregorio "Kilili" Camacho Sablan, para uma kondukta inestudia pot asuntun guina-han frenkas gi hålom tånu' Luta. Esti na inestudia para uma ebalua kao guaha nasionat na siknifikasion gi lugat anai para uma disik-na kao propiu para uma-na' omlat gi papa' i aturidat i sisteman Nasionat Paseo na Setbisiu yan lai Amerika, Public Law 113-291, Seksiona 3051 Disembre Disi Nuebi, Dos Mit Katotsi (2014).

Esti Na Inestudia para u tinaka' pot lumenus dos osino tres añus na tiempo. I tinituhon-ña para uma chule' siha infotmasion pot guina-han frenkas giya Luta ginen inestudia yan konbetsasion yan inekongñog pupbliku siha. An monhayan esti na inestudia, para uma nå'i guatu i kongressun Estados Unidos Amerika ya ginen esti na inestudia siña i kongressun Estados Unidos gumua-ha mas inadingñan yan i gobietnamentun i san kattan na islas Marianas anai para siña gumua-ha aksion yan disision pot esti na inestudia.


A Special Resource Study (SRS) evaluates the eligibility of an area to be designated as a national park or other special designation. The National Park Service collects information about the quality of resources in the study area. If the resources meet the eligibility criteria, the NPS will evaluate the potential for visitor enjoyment and efficient management, and will analyze the feasibility and appropriateness of different management options. The NPS provides its findings to the Secretary of the Interior who then presents a recommendation to Congress. New units of the national park system can only be established by an act of Congress or by Presidential Proclamation.


Esti i espesiat na inestudian guina-han frenkas, guiya esti I para ma ebalua i lugat anai siña para ma disik-na para "Nasionat Paseo" (Nasional Park). I Nasionat Paseo Na Setbisiu, man rekoko-hi kualidat na infotmasion guina-han frenkas gi lugat nai para ma estudia. Yanggen i lugat elihipble sigun gi ginanagao gi areklamentu, I (NPS) siempre ha ebalua lokkue kao guaha apresiasion yan minagof ginen i bisita siha. Yan kao siña ma mane-ha maolek anai para u ma analisa haf na klassen minane-ha propiu. Ginen esti nai siña i (NPS) hana' guaha rekomendasion guato gi seketarian "Interior" anai siña ma presenta guatu gi Kongressun Estados Unidos. I para ma disik-na nuebu na Nasionat Paseo yan para ma estapblesi, gaige enao na aturidat gi papa' Kongressun Amerika, Estados Unidos yan i Proklaman Presidentin Amerika.

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