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Group hike on the Mt. Wanda nature trail.

Mt. Wanda Comprehensive Site Management Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) is conducting a comprehensive site management plan for the Mt. Wanda unit of John Muir National Historic Site. The 330-acre area of the park is an important part of the ranch where John Muir lived. Prior to Muir's time, the site was owned by Ygnacio Martinez as part of the Mexican era Rancho El Pinole, and earlier was home to the Karkin Ohlone Indians. At Mt. Wanda, visitors can walk in John Muir's footsteps as they explore, research, and appreciate the wildness of this inspirational landscape.

Most of the Mt. Wanda unit became part of the park in 1991. In 2016, a 3.8-acre parcel in the Mt. Wanda unit along Strentzel Creek, formerly known as the Strain Ranch, came under NPS management with the expiration of a Strain family lease. The transfer of the Strentzel Creek parcel provides the park an opportunity to explore new visitor amenities at Mt. Wanda to better support the park's purpose. Additionally, Congress recently authorized NPS acquisition of a 44-acre parcel purchased by the John Muir Land Trust (referred to as the West Hills Farm) adjacent to Mt. Wanda. This would further expand opportunities at Mt. Wanda. The plan for Mt. Wanda will identify new visitor opportunities and functions, balancing facility needs and resource management, while improving the connectivity of Mt. Wanda to other areas of the park and the broader community.

Thank you to those that provided comments on the preliminary concepts for the Mt. Wanda Plan. Once we have refined the range of initial ideas with public input and can analyze the potential impacts, we will initiate the formal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

We look forward to hearing from you! Your participation is a key component of this

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