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Memorial Circle Transportation Plan and Environmental Assessment

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The National Park Service (NPS) has initiated work on a Transportation Plan and Environmental Assessment (plan/EA) for the Memorial Circle area of the George Washington Memorial Parkway (the park). The purpose of the plan is to reduce conflicts between trail, walkway, and roadway users and to increase overall visitor safety, while maintaining the memorial character of the area and improving mobility for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.

In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Historic Preservation Act, and other laws, regulations and policies, the National Park Service is developing alternatives to be studied in the Environmental Assessment. The Environmental Assessment will evaluate potential impacts of these alternatives to the natural, cultural, and human environment. Information on the NEPA and NHPA processes can be found at:

The project area is heavily used by motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians both for recreation and for commuting (or other local travel). The Circle is often part of the funeral procession route to Arlington National Cemetery. The Mount Vernon Trail travels through the project area along the waterfront, contributing greatly to the bicycle and pedestrian use within the Circle.

The heavy use of the roads, bridges, trails, and sidewalks within the project area contribute to a number of safety concerns, especially at the six un-signalized, crosswalks within the vicinity of the circle.

You are encouraged to stay informed and participate in the project during the public comment periods. The park welcomes your input on what the current issues are within the project area and potential ideas for how safety and circulation could be improved while maintaining the memorial character of the area.

Updated information on the project and how to be involved will be made available on this site and on the park's website: Thanks for your interest in the George Washington Memorial Highway!

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