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Left: Mochong Latte Village site. Right: Serianthes nelsonii tree in limestone forest.

Rota Special Resource Study Newsletter #1 January 2017

During this early stage, the NPS would like to understand your thoughts, ideas, and wishes for Rota's special places. We invite you to learn more about this study and the NPS, and to share your thoughts with us.

Giya hululo', i Nasionat Paseo Na Setbisiu, sumen malagu' para u komprendi hafa hinason miyu, i edehun miyu, yan espesiat menti hafa in desese-ha para Luta ginen esti na asuntu.
Comment Period: Closed        Jan 17, 2017 - Apr 14, 2017
Topic Questions:
1. What prehistoric, historic, and limestone forest resources on Rota do you believe are most important? Why?

Månu na estorian antigu yan lugat antigu, halom tano frenkas un hong-gi na impottanti para hågu?
2. What ideas do you have about preserving and managing Rota's important places?

Haf na ede-hu mas maolek para hågu anai para ma probeniyi yan para ma mane-ha i man impottanti siha na frenkas giya Luta?
3. Do you have other ideas or comments you would like to share with us?

Kao guaha otro siha na ede-hu osino sinente-mu nai malugu' hao para un na' tuñgo' ham?
4. What ideas or concerns do you have that the NPS should be aware of and/or address in the study process?

Haf na ede-hu osino sinintemu nai malagu'hao para un tuñgo'osino para u ma attan ginen esti na eskaleran inestudia?
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