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EVC EA Public Scoping Comment Summary Report - 2016

The National Park Service (NPS), Olympic National Park (OLYM) is preparing an Environmental Assessment for the Final Disposition of the Enchanted Valley Chalet (EVC EA) located within the Olympic Wilderness. The EVC EA is a follow-up to the 2014 Concise EA for the emergency action for the "Temporary Relocation of the Enchanted Valley Chalet for the Protection of the East Fork Quinault River." The EVC EA will make a final determination on the presence and/or location of the Enchanted Valley Chalet within the Enchanted Valley in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act, Wilderness Act, and other laws and policies.

Described in this report are the comments from people who chose to respond to the scoping letter and preliminary alternative concepts. These comments do not necessarily represent the sentiments of the entire public. In addition, the comments may not accurately reflect actual existing conditions on the ground or park management policies or positions. The public comment process does not serve as a voting mechanism, instead, emphasis is placed on the content of the comments rather than the number of times a comment is received. The park considers the content of all comments equally; comments are not weighted based on the number of times a comment is received, nor on the location or organizational affiliation of the commenter.

Comment analysis is a process used to compile and combine similar public comments into a format that may be used by decision-makers including the EVC EA Team. Comment analysis assists the team in organizing, clarifying, and addressing substantive information pursuant to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations. It also aids in identifying the topics and issues to be evaluated and considered throughout the planning process.

This report also includes the full text of each piece of correspondence received during the public scoping period for this project.
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