Ross Lake National Recreation Area General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement - Complete Document, Vol. I and II

The National Park Service has just published the Ross Lake National Recreation Area Final General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (Ross Lake NRA Final GMP/EIS).

The purpose of the plan is to articulate a vision and overall management philosophy for Ross Lake National Recreation Area (NRA) that will guide decision-making by current and future management teams during the next 15 to 20 years. The final plan presents management strategies for resource protection and preservation, education and interpretation, visitor use and facilities, land protection and boundaries, and long-term operations and management of Ross Lake NRA.

This final GMP/EIS is presented in two volumes. The first volume includes the purpose of and need for the plan, the foundation for planning, the scope of the GMP/EIS, and the alternatives that were considered in the planning process. Volume two includes the description of the affected environment, the environmental consequences, and the appendices which contains, among others, the Skagit Wild and Scenic River Studies. Volume two also contains a description of public involvement and consultation processes for the GMP/EIS, the summary of substantive comments on the Draft GMP/EIS, responses to those comments, and copies of the letters received from agencies, organizations, and businesses.

The two volume document is available for review electronically by downloading the following files, organized by chapter. Hard copies and compact discs (CDs) of the document can also be obtained by calling the NPS at (360)854-7328, or by e-mailing the NPS at

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Comment Period: Closed        Dec 1, 2011 - Jan 17, 2012
Document Content:
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Volume I: Summary   (443.2 KB, PDF file)
Volume I: Chapter 1 - Introduction   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Volume I: Chapter 2 - Foundation   (493.2 KB, PDF file)
Volume I: Chapter 3 - Scope of the Plan   (363.4 KB, PDF file)
Volume I: Chapter 4 - Alternatives   (3.5 MB, PDF file)
Volume I: Index   (74.3 KB, PDF file)
Volume II: Table of Contents   (75.2 KB, PDF file)
Volume II: Appendices   (3.8 MB, PDF file)
Volume II: Index   (74.4 KB, PDF file)
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