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This Winter and Shoulder Season Plan is a visionary document that explores ideas for management of the winter and shoulder seasons in Denali without committing the park to any course of action.

If and when the park decides to take action on any of the ideas contained in this plan, those actions will be proposed and analyzed using NEPA compliance and appropriate environmental documentation.

This process of pre-NEPA planning followed by NEPA compliance and environmental analysis is outlined on the planning page of the Denali National Park website:

Although the Winter and Shoulder Season Plan is not a NEPA environmental document, Denali is committed to robust public engagement and input as the plan is developed. The steps below describe the process of creating the plan.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Begin planning process - Spring 2018
Step 2. Preliminary plan concepts available for public comment - Fall 2018
Step 3. Incorporate public comments and refine plan concepts - Winter 2018-2019
Step 4. Prepare draft plan - Spring-summer 2019 *
Step 5. Draft plan available for public comment - Fall 2019
Step 6. Incorporate public comments and prepare final plan - Winter 2019
Step 7. Release final plan - Winter 2019
Step 8. Begin NEPA process if any action stems from ideas in the plan - Winter-spring 2019-2020

  Your input will have the most impact if you engage with the planning process when plan materials are available for public comment. The next public engagement period is anticipated in fall 2019, and we look forward to hearing from you!

As fall 2019 approaches updated information about the Winter and Shoulder Season Plan will be available on this PEPC site as well as the park's website for the plan: