The National Park Service encourages public participation throughout the NEPA process.

The public had two opportunities to formally comment on the project; once during initial project scoping (closed April 30, 2010) and again following release of the Plan/EA (closed January 31, 2011).

Substantive comments were addressed in the development of the Plan/EA and in the Comment Response section of the FONSI.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Public Scoping - Closes April 30th **
Step 2. Preparation of the Plan/EA - Summer 2010
Step 3. Public review of Plan/EA - Winter 2010/2011**
Step 4. Analysis of public comments - Winter 2011
Step 5. Preparation of decision document - Winter 2011
Step 6. Expected announcement of decision - Spring 2011
Step 7. Decision document (FONSI) signed May 18, 2011 *

**Milestone with opportunity for public comment