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Planning is a multi-year process that involves collecting data, soliciting public input and participation, analyzing different options, preparing a draft and final document, and making a final decision on what action to take. Below are the steps the Park will be taking to develop the Wetlands Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement with Resident Canada Goose Management Strategies.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Internal Scoping - NPS staff identify initial purpose, need, and preliminary alternatives
Step 2. Agency Scoping - NPS contacts other agencies and Tribes about the Plan/EIS and process
Step 3. Public Scoping- NPS meets with the public to solicit comments on the purpose, need, and initial alternatives of the plan
Step 4. Identify and Refine Alternatives - NPS uses information collected during internal, agency, and public scoping to develop a range of management alternatives
Step 5. Collect data - NPS collects data needed to describe the affected environment and impacts of the alternatives
Step 6. Prepare Draft Plan/EIS - NPS prepares document describing the alternatives, the impacts of the alternatives and other important information *
Step 7. Public Review of Draft Plan/EIS
Step 8. Analysis of Public Comment
Step 9. Prepare Final Plan/EIS
Step 10. Decision Document (Record of Decision)