CHP Low Band Antenna

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The NPS proposes to issue a 10-year Right of Way permit to the California Highway Patrol to install and operate Radio Communications equipment at an existing communications tower at the El Portal Administrative Complex/Warehouse. The Merced River Canyon Highway 140 is a heavily traveled road and may be dangerous at certain times of the year due to snow, ice, rock falls, and other hazards. There is a "dead zone" for CHP radio communication around the NPS Warehouse location that creates a safety risk for travelers on Highway 140 as well as for CHP officers. This project will allow CHP improved communications along the Merced river corridor.

The project proposal is to:

* Mount a small low band antenna on the existing NPS tower located at the SE corner of the Warehouse property.
* Install rack-mounted equipment inside the existing NPS communications hut located near the tower.
* Install a new 14Kw emergency generator in place of the current NPS generator to handle all the existing loads within the hut as well as the new CHP equipment in the event of a power failure. Will include a new ATS sized for the new generator.

No ground disturbance is proposed.