Replace angled safety sign posts with upright posts.

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Short, enameled metal safety signs, approximately 18" above ground, that are currently installed at the 8 intersections of modern sidewalks and boardwalks around the park do not meet accessibility standards for correct height or print font size. These were installed in 2007 and have served beyond their lifecycle. The signs are chipped, worn and faded and are becoming difficult to see due to the angled setting. New upright sign posts will be installed in the same locations and will hold a brighter safety sign with print that meets accessibility standards. The post will also hold a "No bicycles on boardwalks" sign to prevent bicyclists from running into visitors and staff using the sidewalks. The new signs will extend 3' above ground. The old angled signs are set in concrete 2' deep. These posts and concrete will be excavated and removed. The new sign posts will also be set 2' deep to accommodate the posts. The overall posts are 5' long- -2 feet below, 3 feet above ground.

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