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Yosemite Valley Lodge 4100 Buildings Boiler Replacement (2018 YH)

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This project will remove the diesel boilers at Yosemite Valley Lodge 4100 (Aspen, Dogwood, and Tamarack) and replace it with a Riello boiler and add a propane gas storage tank to the site. This process is a requirement of the Concession contract, and is meant to reduce the need for diesel air quality certifications and reduce overall air pollution in the Park.

A structurally sound, safe, and efficient source of heat is critical to the daily activity of the employees and visitors housed in these locations.

A self-contained portable boiler will be connected to the building to supply heat and hot water during the project. The existing boiler will be removed. One 1200-gallon certified storage tank will be added per the attached drawings and plumbed to the boiler building via an in ground trench. The placement of the storage tank along the service road will enable access to fill the tank and also provide the required minimum clearance from possible ignition sources. A total of 8 bollards, spaced a maximum of 4-feet apart, will be installed on the west and south side of the tank to prevent vehicle damage. Disturbance to install each bollard will be 12-inches in circumference by 2-feet deep. (No fencing).

Photo-documentation will be performed before, during and after construction by the contractor and project manager.

The installation of the feeder line will involve digging an 8-inch by 18-inch trench approximately 27 feet in length across the dirt service road east of the utility buildings. The site has been examined by J S West Propane and they have recommended a code compliant placement of one 1200 gallon storage tank and the expected underground pathway to bring the propane from the tanks to the boiler room in the building.