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Photo of the north (front) of the Arnold House.

Replace windows and repair and paint exterior of Arnold House (HS-20)

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This project will consist of replacement of five windows in the Arnold House (HS-20) due to rotting. Door jambs, sills and water boards will also need repair or replacement due to the use of tulip poplar when originally built in 1999. Approximately 70 feet of water board and trim, and two door sills and jambs will need extensive repair or replacement. Pine will be used for most repairs. The window and door jambs will be made from mahogany. Following these repairs, the entire house will be repainted. This includes 1500 SF of exterior siding, trim, windows, and doors. The shutters will also be repaired and repainted their original dark gray.

The siding, water board, jambs and windows needing replacement now were replaced during the restoration of the house from 1996-1999. The tulip poplar wood chosen was the wrong choice to use for exterior projects.

Contact Information
Bob Trenter, 217-391-3242