View of Mt. Fellows from a possible trail location in the Nenana River corridor

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Denali National Park is considering developing trails and related recreational infrastructure in the area of the park between the Nenana River and the Parks Highway (the 'Nenana River corridor'). The NPS is in the early stages of exploring ideas for this area and would like to hear your thoughts on how any development in the Nenana River corridor can best serve visitors and conserve park resources.

The initial vision for the Nenana River corridor includes trails and other developments that provide a readily available visitor experience in an incredibly scenic natural area. Some visitors may see the area as an introduction to Denali's backcountry. The area would be less 'managed' or 'tame' than the entrance area, but not as intimidating as the park's trailless backcountry. Although the area would still be in the frontcountry it would have a remote feel in that the presence of development, traffic, and the busy nature of the entrance area quickly recede as one leaves the trailheads. Developments wouldn't dominate the remote, scenic aspects of the area, but would facilitate visitor access to and enjoyment of the natural landscape. A wide diversity of user groups (e.g., hikers, families, community members, people with accessibility needs) could feel as though they truly experienced the natural beauty of Denali National Park in an approachable area without the same degree of development, visitor guidance, and busy energy as the entrance area.

At this early stage, preliminary ideas consider the locations of trails and which uses would be allowed on those trails, possible campsites, and winter use of the Nenana River corridor.

Please review the information on this website and provide your thoughts via the 'Open for Comment' button on this webpage during October 27 - November 24, 2021. Your feedback will be used to further refine the ideas that the NPS pursues in this area.

Appropriate NEPA and other compliance will be completed before construction if the park develops a proposed action.

Thanks for participating in planning for Nenana River trails!

Contact Information

Jennifer Johnston
Outdoor Recreation Planner
Denali National Park and Preserve