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The purpose of this project is to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and consider Verizon Wireless' (VZW) application for an NPS right-of-way permit to site a cell tower and associated equipment at Hurricane Ride. VZW proposes to provide LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless coverage to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, and surrounding trails and recreational areas, some of which may be located in designated wilderness. There is currently no wireless service in this area. The proposal from Verizon Wireless requests construction of a wireless telecommunication facility near the main parking lot. The facility would be located in non-wilderness. This would include panel antennas, a microwave dish, equipment cabinets, and a diesel generator.

The NPS is working with a third party contractor to conduct the NEPA process. A Project Agreement has been developed that defines the scope of the project as well as the roles and responsibilities of each party involved throughout this process.

You may following along each step of the NEPA process by clicking on the "Plan Process" link to the left. Also, notices for public scoping will be posted this spring or summer. At that time the NPS will seek input from the public on the scope of the project as well as on the draft alternatives.

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