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The Columbia-Pacific National Heritage Area Study was prepared by the National Park Service in response to Public Law 110-229, which required analysis, documentation, and determination of whether the area meets eight specific requirements in the law for eligibility as a national heritage area, and analysis of the potential impact of NHA designation on private land within or bordering the proposed area at the time of the study. The study area was defined as the coastal areas of Clatsop and Pacific counties (also known as the North Beach Peninsula), and areas relating to Native American history, local history, Euro-American settlement culture, and related activities of the Columbia River within a corridor along the Columbia River eastward in Clatsop, Pacific, Columbia, and Wahkiakum counties.

The study process pulled together previously compiled and newly collected information about the natural, historic, and cultural resources of the study area, as well as information about traditions and folk life, opportunities for conservation and interpretation of natural, historic, cultural and scenic features, and recreational and educational opportunities. The collected information demonstrates that the study area contains resources that tell the story of how a great river helped shape our nation.

During the course of the study, however, a severe national recession impacted the regional economy, strong opposition to a national heritage area designation surfaced among some private property interests, and the organization proposed as the heritage coordinating entity decided, as a result of the public opposition, to step away from that role. The NPS could not complete the analysis to determine that the study area fully meets the requirements of the legislation, and instead found that adequate public support for designation of a Columbia-Pacific National Heritage Area does not exist at this time.

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