The colonial panel of the interpretive exhibits on Derby Wharf

Remove Derby Wharf Interpretive Exhibits

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The National Park Service proposes to remove or modify a collection of outdoor interpretive exhibits on Derby Wharf at Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Massachusetts. The principle component of the proposed action is the removal of exhibits that are damaged, inoperable, in poor repair or potentially unsafe for public use. A portion of the exhibits not meeting this criteria are also being considered for removal due to their effects on the park viewshed and visitor experience.

The interpretive exhibits along Derby Wharf were installed in 2010. They consist of five units of vertical text/image panels, a small mast and yard arm, an outdoor stage, and a collection of eight hands-on activities. The hands-on exhibits include nautical signaling, navigation, and communication activities. The majority of the hands-on exhibits are currently inoperable because of damage and missing components. The exhibits in question do not include the traditional wayside panels on the wharf.

Exhibits that are to be removed will not be replaced with additional exhibits at this time. The area previously occupied by exhibits will be returned to a natural state or a similar condition commonly found elsewhere along Derby Wharf or the other wharves within the park.

Exhibits that are modified will be repaired, relocated and/or adjusted to improve the visitor experience and safety within the park.

Public participation is important to the success of this project. The National Park Service welcomes comments on these proposed actions.There will be a "walking workshop" open to the public, date TBD, to allow the public to tour and review the exhibits with National Park Service staff.