Photo of dead and dying trees in Cedar Grove, within Kings Canyon National Park.

Cedar Grove Tree Hazard Management

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Tree hazards are trees which are dead/dying or possess some defect which predisposes them to an accident failure. Trees must have a recognizable defect and a potential target in order to be categorized as hazardous. Drought / bark beetle-related tree mortality has resulted a drastic increase in tree hazards identified in Cedar Grove developed sites and along roadsides in each of the last two years (2013-2014). New tree hazards identified for removal have increased from 695 in 2013 to 1,030 in 2014. Continued high levels of drought/bark-beetle-related tree mortality are expected to continue in this area, regardless of precipitation amounts this winter, due to high bark beetle population build-up in recent years.

To obtain supplemental information about the proposed project, please view the Documents link on this website.

The National Park Service proposes to mitigate the tree hazards in Cedar Grove primarily by removing the dead and dying trees that pose a risk to public safety, but also through topping/limbing trees, or by moving at risk targets(e.g. picnic tables and campsites) away from tree hazards.

As of January 21,2015, approximately 1,100 trees were identified as hazards and recommended for mitigation in Cedar Grove.

The purpose of this project is to effectively mitigate tree hazards within Cedar Grove. Options include mitigating the hazards in house using National Park Service crews, and/or mitigating the hazards through a surplus property (timber) sale.

The NPS is interested in any public concerns, potential issues, or opportunities related to the proposed tree hazard mitigation. After analyzing comments received during scoping, the NPS will determine the level of analysis needed.

All written comments about this project must be transmitted, postmarked, or hand-delivered by February 27, 2015.

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To submit written comments, you may send them via mail or hand-deliver to: Superintendent, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Attn: Cedar Grove Tree Hazard Mitigation, 47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, CA 93271. Faxed comments will be accepted at (559) 565-4202.

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If you have specific questions or concerns related to this project, contact Nancy Hendricks at 559-565-3102.