Photo showing dead tree when newly planted in 2001, as well as large tree in front of Arnold House that has since been removed and will be replaced.

Remove dead oak tree from SE corner of 8th & Jackson and replace in future

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A red oak was planted about 10 years ago to replace one that had been heavily damaged in storms on the southeast corner of 8th and Jackson Streets, just south of the Lincoln Home. There was no evidence that there was a tree in this location during 1844-1861 when the Lincolns were living across the street. The red oak has since died and needs to be removed. The project will provide for cutting the tree down near the grass level immediately due to predicted strong winds and storms coming tomorrow. The root ball/stump will be removed at a later date, the hole filled in, and grass seed spread. The project area is very visible from the front of the Lincoln Home, and having a dead tree was not aesthetically pleasing, nor did it reflect well on the custodianship of the National Park Service to have a dead tree very close to the main element of the park. There was concern that the tree would break off in strong winds and be projected through the window of either the Lincoln Home or other nearby historic structures.

Based on the draft Cultural Landscape Plan (2014), a tree should be planted about 10' south of the dead tree, in front of the Arnold House (HS-20). The type of tree should be chosen from a list provided in the Plan. The tree will be some form of maple as the trees do well in the urban environment of the park and are on the list of historically appropriate trees in the Plan. There is no evidence of what species of tree had been in this location. The replacement tree will be planted when the weather is cooler and when the Landscape Plan is closer to final report to better choose an appropriate tree species.

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