Photo of 2009 archeological excavation of potential geothermal well boring route to Beedle House.

Add 4-6 wells to geothermal project as part of Beedle House HVAC system (PEPC 34825)

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The existing HVAC system needs to be replaced and a new HVAC system installed (PEPC Project #34825). The new system will consist of a geothermal system, control, and supply ductwork that will run from basement to the second floor, a concrete pad will be built outside for the system, and four to six wells and boring for the geo lines will occur from the well head trench location in the vacant lot north of the Beedle House to the northwest corner of the house at a depth of 36". The wells will be excavated entirely in the now vacant log (Walters lot) and will be connected to each other. The main geo line will be installed in a directional bore through the Walters yard directly into the NW corner of the Beedle House.

As of December, 2009, geophysical surveys and an archeological investigation were completed by MWAC staff. Dr. Dawn Bringelson and her crew investigated several features in November, 2009, confirming the footprint of non-extant apartment buildings in the Walters lot, evaluating the proposed routes for directional boring to connect the geothermal wells to the Beedle house, and evaluating the proposed access points. The MWAC crew worked with the Lincoln Home NHS maintenance crew and COTR for the geothermal well project to mark an area for the well field and directional boring route

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