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As part of assisting San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) with outreach for the draft plan, the NPS has created this website to collect public comments. You may comment here, or send your comments directly to SPUR by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

At the end of the comment period, the NPS will provide SPUR with an unedited report of comments received. SPUR intends to review and incorporate comments as they compose the final master plan; however, the NPS will not respond directly to the comments.

Please note that SPUR is the project manager of this plan. The NPS is part of the steering committee, the planning advisory committee, and is offering technical advice. While this is not an official NPS plan, the broad goals of the plan are consistent with those in the GGNRA's draft General Management Plan for Ocean Beach, and it is likely that the NPS would seek to complete additional planning, environmental compliance, and implement recommendations from the final plan.

This plan presents recommendations for the management and protection of GGNRA lands, as well as City of San Francisco lands in the corridor that stretches from Lands End to Lake Merced, and from the ocean to the lower Great Highway. These 3.5 miles of beach and rugged coastline include a national park, a popular urban open space, and is the site of a major infrastructure complex, and a beloved San Francisco landscape.

This process lays out a wide range of complex challenges and charts a course for a more sustainable future in the context of complex jurisdictional challenges, severe erosion, a diverse population of beach users and points of view, and the looming challenge of climate-induced sea level rise. It is the result of a robust public process, in which a wide range of stakeholders and the public participated over an 18-month period. Several earlier efforts brought attention to the ongoing issues at Ocean Beach. This document is intended to translate that energy into implementable actions by the responsible agencies.

Comments will be accepted from January 27 until February 29.

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Or you can email your comments to oceanbeach@spur.org or mail written comments to the address listed below using the following format:

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