Kings Overlook, shown in this photo, is often congested with traffic and pedestrians. Part of the project would be to redesign this overlook.

Rehabilitate and Resurface 17.4 miles of Generals Highway from Little Baldy to the Wye

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The National Park Service (NPS) is initiating public scoping on a proposal to rehabilitate and resurface 17.4 miles of the Generals Highway from Little Baldy to one mile south of the intersection of Generals Highway and the Grant Grove Road. The project would occur on both on the NPS and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) portions of the Generals Highway and will be managed by the Federal Highways Administration.

The first phase of the project, expected to commence in 2018, is the 7.4 mile section from Little Baldy north to Pythian Camp. The second phase of the project would include the remaining 10 miles of road and would likely start in 2019 or 2020, depending on funding.

The project would entail excavating and replacing the base and sub-grade materials, and grinding and reusing the existing pavement to resurface the roadway. Drainage structures (e.g. culverts and drop inlets) would be rehabilitated, replaced, or redesigned at locations where existing drainage is inadequate. Asphalt curb and guardrails would be replaced, retaining walls and guardwalls reconstructed, and the road shoulder would be restored. Turnouts and scenic overlooks would be rehabilitated.

As part of the project, the Kings Canyon Overlook would be expanded slightly and redesigned to improve traffic flow and pedestrian access. In addition, as part of the highway project, the park is considering modifying the visitor facilities at Lost Grove, including redesigning the parking area and adding a new trail and/or viewpoints that would allow visitors to more closely experience the monarch giant Sequoias in this area.

Upon completion of roadway rehabilitation, site restoration and re-vegetation would occur in disturbed areas adjoining the road.

The NPS and the USFS are interested in any public concerns, potential issues, or opportunities related to the proposed highway rehabilitation. After analyzing comments received during scoping, the NPS and the USFS will determine the level of analysis needed.

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