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The NPS proposes to improve the security and visitor flow at the Washington Monument in a manner that preserves the character and visitor experience of the Washington Monument and Grounds.The proposed project would be the final phase of a series of comprehensive security improvements that began in 2001. Via Section 106 consultations (under the National Historic Preservation Act) and an Environmental Assessment (under the National Environmental Policy Act), NPS has explored several new design alternatives for the a new screening facility.

Thus far, the NPS has held the following public and Section 106 consultation meetings:
Public Meeting #1 - November 8, 2010
Section 106 Meeting #1- March 18 , 2011
Public Meeting #2/Section 106 Meeting #2- September 20, 2011
Section 106 Meeting #3 - Present Alternatives, December 13, 2011
Section 106 Consulting Parties Site Visit- February 8, 2012
Section 106 Meeting #4 – Discuss Adverse Effect, September 13, 2012
Section 106 Meeting #5 - Design Update and Draft MOA, June 18, 2013

NPS has provided the following reports. Click on "Document List" to view the reports:
Geoarcheological Investigation – June 2011
Geotechnical Investigation- August- November 2011
Viewshed Analysis - November 2011

Note that the Washington Monument experienced impacts from an earthquake on August 23, 2011. To view documents relating to earthquake repairs, including the results of a seismic study, go to www.parkplanning.nps.gov/NAMA and click on "Washington Monument Earthquake Repairs."

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Project Manager
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